Part 11

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She was defeated, Niall was right she did want to be his. 

She slumped back into the wall, giving up her protest. She was quiet when she spoke "can I have my phone back please?" Niall didn't hesitate to pass her phone back to her. He backed down from his position also, allowing for her to walk back to the bed and fall upon it. Letting out a sigh she dropped her phone onto the floor beside her.

Niall had followed her over to the bed, taking her body in his arms as he lay beside her. "I'm sorry princess, I can't help myself." Her head turned to meet his eyes, "What?"

"I guess I'm just a protective person,"

"That doesn't give you the right to go through my phone,"

"I was putting my number in it, incase you need me for whatever."

"Oh," maybe she overreacted just the slightest bit, but she didn't let it show.

"I also deleted some numbers-"

"What?! Who?"

"Some contacts named 'shitface', 'fuckboy', 'backstabbing bitch', and 'never-answer-this-call'." Her face turned into a grin, holding back a giggle at those names she assigned to contacts from her old friends at high school. "I guessed you wouldn't need them anymore."

"Okay, I guess that's slightly true," Niall chuckled along with her for a brief moment. The air becoming thick with awkward soon after.

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