Part 5

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"Let me get that for you." She didn't stop the off duty officer from picking up her suitcase and carrying it up the stairs as she walked beside him. "Thank you," she opened the door to her room and tried to get the bag off the officer. He simply just pushed the door further open and walked in, "on the bed?"
He didn't wait for an answer and lifted the suitcase onto the bottom of the bed. "uhm," she hovered near the door, unsure of what to do next. "I came to check up on you, see if you had a good nights sleep or not"

"Yeah, I did. thanks,"

"You can call me Niall when I'm off duty,"

"Okay Niall, I'm Holden" she replied with a little more confidence. Niall sat on her bed, the hotels bed, as she moved to close the door and find her phone to check her emails.
There was one from the cafe, telling her to come around 10 to get started. She looked at the same clock as before, half past 9, half an hour to get ready.
"Uhm, I have to get ready for work so erh-" she mumbled out, voice fading at the last words.
"Oh don't let me stop you, where do you work?" Niall questioned later. "The erh, Cafe 71?"

"Oh, that's a great place"

"Yeah I guess so," she'd come to the conclusion Niall wasn't going to leave very soon, and she hoped he'd show her where to go.
She opened her suitcase, picking out the black jeans and a basic cotton top to wear and moved to the bathroom to get changed. When she came back out of the bathroom Niall spoke again, "you know you could've gotten changed out here."
She didn't believe he said it, and just decided to ignore it.

"When do you need to go to work?"


"Well, we should leave now, do you want me to drop you off?" Niall stood from the bed and walked over to the door, closer to where she stood.

"Uhm- erh- yeah I guess so thank you," she went to grab her phone, purse and room key, putting them in her jean pocket. Niall moved down to her neck, she could feel his breathe hit the side of it making goosebumps arise. "I don't like it when you stutter, it's starting to annoy me, stop" was whispered into her ear, and she froze for a second from the smoothness of Niall's voice.

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