Part 18

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The car slowed down as they finally reached the small block of flats. It looked like there was only around 8 or 10 apartments in the building as she parked the car in the spot next to where Niall parked. 

Stepping out of the car and walking to behind it she waited for Niall to pull out the suitcase and make his way towards her. He took her hand and pulled her forwards towards the main door of the apartment building. 

Continuing through the building and to the lift that he pressed the button 3 before the doors closed and the elevator began to move. Once the lift stopped and the doors opened she could see three doors leading into separate apartments. Niall pulled her to the right and dropped her suitcase on the floor to unlock the door. 

Pushing the door open it revealed her new home.


short part sorry wanted to update sooner rather than later

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