Part 29

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Niall had joined her on the couch moments after she had sat down. They were on either side of the couch but facing each other. "Where do we start?"

She shrugged her shoulders and let out a sigh, Niall looking away as he started speaking. "Well, we both know its about the word daddy so lets start there," she nodded.

"I understand how it may be a tad bit weird but I can't help it,"

"It's just that word, like I'd be down for like sir or something but it's just that family word that makes it a bit. Out there."

"I mean I could live without it, I have for- how old am I again? like 26 years, I can try and forget about it if it really makes you uncomfortable." She didn't reply instead just absorbing the words said to her. "I mean I understand if you'd try it and then told me it doesn't float your boat, but it was just shut down straight away and I felt extremely vulnerable and embarrassed,"


"What if we make a deal or something?"

"Like what?"

"We do one of your fantasies and then we do mine, I promise you only have to say it once,"

"I don't think I have any fantasises Niall,"

"Really? Nothing you've ever dreamt about happening and it turning you on so much you wake up wet and horny or something?"

She thought about it for some time before her eyes flickered back to Niall's, he saw that sparkle and he knew she had a fantasy.

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