Part 1

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It was Niall's last shift for the weekend, the last ten minutes drawing closer and closer. He was driving down one of the major roads of town, spotting a car parked on the side of the road, in a no parking zone.

She had just left the city, being offered a job at a little cafe in a small country town. She drove through the day, arriving just as the sun was setting. Exhausted from the days drive, she parked up on the curb. Surely it would be okay for just one night, she had no where else to stay, she didn't even plan the move, just packed up her things and drove to the country side.

Niall pulled in behind the parked car, getting out his ticket book and then proceeding to get out of his car and give the other a ticket. He made his way to the side of the car, near the drivers seat, seeing a girl asleep, around his age. He knew the town, and he knew the people in it, but her, he's never seen before. Slowly, quietly, not wanting to startle the girl, he knocked on her window.

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