Part 19

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It was cute, small, and very Niall. As they walked through the door Niall had told Holden to make herself feel at home, and however awkward is was right now, it would soon disappear and it would feel like home. Niall had gone off through a door way with her suitcase as she sat on the grey coloured couch, shortly after he came back and joined her. His arm was wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her body closer to his.

"Do you want me to give you a tour of the flat?" (the floor plan is to the top/side and just pretend theres a wall behind the back of the couch separating the living room and the bedroom)

"It would be nice," he stood as did she. Niall turned to her and lifted her by her hips "stand on the couch," she let out a confused grunt as she did as told. Niall turning back again and grabbing the back of her thighs, pulling her body down onto his back.

She was laughing as he began to leave the room, "so you've seen the living room, and out that door is a balcony-" Niall took a few steps in the opposite direction to the door towards the kitchen, "here is the dining table-" stepping further into the kitchen he stopped and spun, "and this here is the kitchen." He began to walk back out and through a doorway on the right of the wall leading into his bedroom. "This here is our bedroom and our very non-lumpy bed-" making his way through another door, "our closet that I suppose you'll take more than half of and through this door is the bathroom, its a shower and a bath so you can choose." His tour finished as he walked us back to the bedroom, dropping my body backwards on the bed before he turned and bent over me, planting a kiss to my lips. 

"Like it?"


This should make up for the last crappy chapter, but if you haven't noticed or anything I changed her name to Holden, I know it wasn't suggested but THANK YOU for the suggestions (I'll probably use them in other stories I'm writing and stuff cause most of them are nameless) I choose Holden cause I have an unhealthy obsession and I thought it would be funny :)

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