Part 25

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Niall had gone out to get drunk, find a girl, go to hers and fûck. But as he sat there on the stool at the bar, and as numerous girls came and talk to him, he couldn't keep his mind off the girl he's only known about a week. As ridiculous as it sounded, that week he'd spent with her had felt like a year, and it was hard to keep his mind from constantly thinking about her, about Holden.

He had her pictured in his mind, probably in one of his dirty shirts off the floor, sitting on the bed with her mind wandering off to places he'd never know about. Or possibly on her phone, hopefully thinking about texting him, apologizing and asking him if he was safe. He looked down at his phone, nothing, no texts, no calls, not for the 4 hours he'd been sitting at this bar a town across.

Then the worst thought came to his mind, maybe she left, thought that he was too weird, that daddy was too out of the norm and that she'd gone back to the little hotel room that she's only just left.

And it was then that he downed the rest of his beer, and asked the bar attendant to call him a taxi. He made his way outside, spotting a taxi waiting for a drunken mess to fall through the door and get into the car. As he approached the driver rolled down the window, "you Steven?"
Niall didn't know who Steven was nor did he care, he just needed to get home and to see if Holden was still there waiting for him. Whoever this Steven was could have Niall's taxi, if he even still needed it.

Niall climbed in the backseat of the car, the driver turning around to meet his eyes, "so where to pal?"

+triple updates cause it's been a while and this one is like 3x longer than usual. I'm still stressed beyond belief and I'm about to go to sleep, but I'm almost at 10k and I'm at an awkward and dirty 469 votes. Like omg what, with the way this is going (beyond expectations btw) I'm gonna end up at like 15k by my 17th birthday!!! AHHH!!

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