Part 32

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-just a warning for those if you don't wanna read it-

Niall hooked his fingers in the waistband of her shorts and knickers, pulling them off her body quickly, leaving her no time to think. His hand smacked her ass, a red glow appearing seconds after contact. He continued his rough actions, his member growing harder the redder her arse cheeks went.

She could feel the cool breeze against her as Niall shifted behind her. She couldn't see Niall without craning her neck to the side, so she could only hear him breathe out shakily before feeling his tip against her. "Baby girl you're gonna make me feel so good," his hands found her hips, gripping roughly enough that there would definitely be bruises there tomorrow. Rocking his hips forwards and pulling hers back, they met in the middle, a moan leaving both their lips.

Niall was quick to rock against her hips, slamming into her fast and rough, he wasn't supposed to care about her pleasure. It felt different to Niall, his whole fantasy was about pleasing her, about making sure his princess was always safe and taken care off. Her fantasy was rough, about her being treated just like an object, unimportant.

She couldn't keep quiet, she wasn't supposed to be enjoying this, but her morals weren't with her right now. "God you're such a slut. You love this don't you? You love being used, love being forced to take my big cock huh? Tell me how much you love it, tell me how much of a slut you are for my cock." Niall knew this would take her to that next level, and that her response could be the reason behind his orgasm.

"Fuck, I'm such a slut. I'm your slut, only yours. Oh god, I love your cock, I love it, fuck please. I'm gonna cum, fuck." Her response was filled with moans, groans and whimpers. The words stuttering out of her lips. Just the sound of her ruined voice and the noises she was making pushed Niall that extra step, he was spilling into her in no time, his hips thrusting harder than they were previously. A pressure building inside of her she could feel, stronger than any other time she'd cum before. Niall, still inside her, was pushed out with the force of her squirting all over the bed sheets.

Them both coming down from their climaxes with heavy breathes and sweaty movements. Niall uncuffed the girl below him, pulling her into his arms and kissing her forehead. "I didn't know you could squirt baby girl holy shit. That was so unbelievably hot."

Her face heating up even more than it was before, a blush creeping across her cheeks, "oh god thats so embarrassing."

"The last thing you should feel right now is embarrassment,"

"Shut up Niall, I need a nap."

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