Part 8

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She was shocked, it hasn't even been 24 hours since she first met Niall and now they're kissing. Despite being shocked she didn't once hesitate in kissing him back, almost immediately. The door was hard against her back but it didn't matter, as she pushed her body further into Niall's.

Her arms were wrapped around the back of his neck as his hands moved down from her waist to her thighs to pick her up and carry her towards the bed behind them.

She was placed onto the soft hotel bed, Niall climbing over her body pressing a chaste kiss to her lips. He knelt up taking his shirt off in the process, hers was the next to lay on the floor. Next, was their jeans. Off and onto a pile on the floor.

Niall was left with the bulge showing in his tight white Calvin Klein boxers and she was left in nothing but the soft lacy underwear that she definitely didn't regret putting on this morning. Soon enough their bodies were naked and joined together as the moans and profanities bounced off the thin hotel walls.

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