Part 38

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A few weeks had passed since the fantasy morning and Holden was still moaning out daddy  whenever the two joined. 

Niall's work schedule picked up and Holden began to fit in, meeting a few friends through her work. They'd asked her many times to go to the town over and go out with them for the night, but she refused as Niall didn't have the night shift those nights.

However the next time they asked, the date matched with Niall's late night shifts and she accepted, letting Niall know on the day. He was happy she finally made some friends and had a life outside of him, but he knew where they were planning on going, and he wasn't so happy about it. 

The problem he had with Holden going out didn't make him speak up and tell her 'no'. She needed this, she needed friends, and she needed a social life if she was going to consider to stay in this little town. 

Niall held his tongue until she walked out of the closet in those clothes (pic linked), his voice speaking out explaining to her to go back and change into something that didn't show as much skin. Holden refused, leaving through the door and meeting her friends at one of there houses. 

She didn't mean to walk out without saying goodbye, and she knew Niall would be pissed when she got home. But she felt cute yet sexy in her clothes, giving her a confidence that allowed her to walk into the club and have fun.

sorry this part sucks and its been a week. i just gotta get passed this awkward stage and then the story can continue on my plan and i'll feel more motivated to write. however i have 4 exams this week that i need to seriously study for so please be considerate of that :)

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