Part 28

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She was currently waiting for the toast to pop out of the black coloured toaster when she felt Niall's arms wrap around her waist. A kiss pressed to her cheek her smile was faint as she knew they needed to have a conversation soon about the incident the night before. The toast popped before her and she jumped a little, not expecting it from her wandering mind.

She had already pulled the butter out so all she had to do once the toast was out was to butter it. She gave Niall a piece saving the other for herself before putting in a second slice for Niall. He moved so he lent against the counter on the other side of the kitchen, poking her side "hey whats wrong with you?"

She turned, with a 'you know whats wrong' look on her face. "Is it about last night?"

"Yeah," it was quiet when she responded, almost a sigh.

"Should we talk about it?"

"Well, I don't think we can just ignore it, do you?"

"No not really,"

"Then we've gotta talk about it." He simply nodded in return as the second piece of toast popped out. Niall pushed past her, buttering the toast himself as he kissed her cheek once again and told her to go sit on the couch.

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