Part 35

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"Baby are you gonna be a good girl for daddy?"

His lips moved onwards South, kissing the tops of her boobs before making his way down to her nipples. A moan left her lips, but that wasn't enough for Niall. "Use your words baby,"
"Yes daddy, I'll be a good girl for you," Niall groaning against her nipple, a moan not being held back from her.

Her fingers started at his shoulder, trailing softly down his chest, further to his abdomen, and finally at his hips. Tucking her two index fingers into the elastic of his boxer briefs, she began to push down.
More of his hips being revealed until finally she couldn't reach anymore.
"Daddy, your boxers," and Niall complied, using only one hand to pull them off his legs. His hand didn't return to her waist, he cupped herself, letting his fingers dip into her folds. "Baby, I don't think daddy can wait any longer to be inside of you,"
"Fuck daddy, please just fuck me."

In mere seconds Niall was in the correct position, pushing into her delicately. Pulling out just as soft before turning a complete 180 and pounding into the girl who was screaming out "daddy please."

Soz it's short I have a driving lesson in like 2 minutes and I wanted to post something rn

I made my mind up I'm gonna be posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. That's 3/7 maybe sometimes I'll do a forth update. I know today is neither of those days.

Also the days might be different since I'm like 7-8 hours ahead of England and like 24 hours ahead of like LA.
I should probably go now, bye

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