Part 17

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When she had pulled away from Niall's lips his arm wrapped around her body, pulling her into his chest. Her forehead flat against it he, bent down and kissed her hair as her arms wrapped around his body, squeezing him. They stood there for a few minutes before Holden pushed him away, moving to the suitcase that Niall had thrown on the end of the bed before he gave her a key. 

Most of her clothes were in two other suitcases still in her car so it took only a few minutes to pile all her clothes in this one and zip it up. Niall had collected his odd piece of clothing that he left laying around and also put those in, and in almost no time at all they were leaving the hotel room for the last time. Checking out with Peter at the front desk, he looked slightly pleased he no longer had to see their faces everyday.

Niall took that time to put her suitcase in the back of his car and waited outside the drivers side, leaning against door. When she left the little hotel, Niall's face grew into a smile, watching her walk towards him. She stopped just in front of the boy and began to speak, "I'll follow you in my car, yeah?" He agreed and she turned to leave him, walking towards her parked car. His hand reached out, grabbing hers, pulling her backwards and into his lips. Smirking once he pulled away, she couldn't help but smile at him as he said, "sorry, I really like goodbye kisses."


Can anybody come up with any better names for the girl, I know I'm on part 17 but I feel like the name Lori isn't good enough for this story (no offence if your names Lori)

Ive found a name for the girl, if you see its not Lori anymore but Holden, but any suggestions (even new ones) I'll take into consideration for the countless stories that are waiting to be written :) and THANKS

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