Part 15

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A few days had passed since Niall asked Holden to move in with her, and the more time passed the more  she thought about it. Sure, she could live in this hotel room for a few months, but it makes things difficult when it comes to food and washing her clothes. 

Niall had been driving her to and from work whenever his shifts didn't clash, which was most days, but she found that no matter how small she thought the town was, she was walking 30 minutes to get to the cafe from the hotel. Everything seemed to point in the direction of moving in with Niall, and his offer still stood. 

He'd be with her at the hotel whenever they both weren't working, sometimes bringing takeout after a late afternoon shift. It made her think how it wouldn't really be all that different, just the bed is probably less lumpy and his flat would be bigger. They'd be able to sit on a couch and watch tv instead of sitting on the bed bored while scrolling through their phones. 

Her decision was made self-consciously, moving in with Niall could be a risk. He could be a creepy pervert or turn her into a slave with the housework, but strangely, she trusted the man she'd known for around a week now, and she was glad to be finally getting out of this dingy hotel room.

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