Part 6

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She didn't expect Niall to say that to her, but she didn't know Niall, all she knew about him was that he was the local police officer. But no matter what she was feeling from those simple words she pushed it aside and followed Niall down the steps and into his car.
The ride to the cafe was only about 5 minutes, the town seeming smaller than anywhere she's ever been before.
He walked her into the cafe, even introduced her to her boss, James. James had taken her behind the counter, Niall sitting down in front of it.

"Well let's see what you know' Niall if it's okay?"

"Yeah, go ahead," he smiled up at her cheekily and her cheeks flushed. She was almost comfortable with Niall, so she didn't have an excuse to mess this up. She took his order, gave it to the cook through the little hole into the kitchen and kept his receipt where James told her to put them all ready for when they pay. When the bell from the kitchen rang, she collected Niall's breakfast and gave it to him without spilling anything. She did however, had to get James to explain the coffee machine for her while they were waiting on Niall's food but other than that she passed with flying colours.

"I think the service was pretty good," she frowned at Niall.

"Why not perfect?"

"Cause I didn't get a kiss," he winked over at her and James just patted her on the back, pointing at the new customers.

"Those two now, don't worry you'll do great and if you need any help just shout."

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