Part 10

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Niall didn't let her go to work today, instead he grabbed his phone and texted James. She wasn't too happy about that, she didn't want a bad reputation after only one day. And what else was she supposed to do in this tiny town?

Niall didn't seem to care however, his hands tightly around her waist, attempting to fall back asleep.

But it wasn't long before that attempt was shut down completely. Her struggle to get back out of bed disturbing Niall. His grip tighter around her body, she struggled some more. "Stop trying to leave me,"

"I'm trying to use the bathroom." Niall's hands then let go, she jumped out of bed, rushing into the bathroom. When she returned Niall was upright, sitting on the edge of he bed in his white boxers scrolling through his phone. But it wasn't his phone, it was hers.

"Niall! What the fuck is your problem seriously?!"

"Baby girl, don't raise your voice at me,"

"Excuse you, we had sex once and you think you can control me now?"

"Yeah," Niall stood from his spot, walking over to where she cowered back into the wall. "Didn't you hear me last night baby, you're mine now, not anyone else's,"

"What if I don't want to be yours?"

"That doesn't matter, because you do."


I don't do a lot of these but I've actually planned how the story is gonna go down, ALSO thank you so so so so so so so so so much for the 1K reads and 50 votes, like I think this is my 2nd rated story and its my favourite! (well my favourite of the published ones) but yeah, i just wanna say thank you and yes, I do have a plan for this book :)

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