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Edwin was sitting in his car while Xavier and Elizabeth were sitting with him.

Everybody else were in the other car.

"I think there are too many people in that car" Elizabeth said pointing towards the car that was following them.

Edwin asked the driver to stop and so did the other car.

"Two of you can come over here" he said and before he could continue, the door burst open and Lorenzo and Nathan came running as if there life depended on that seat.

"Thank you so much. I thought my ribs and bones would get deformed sitting there." Lorenzo said huffing as he tried to catch his breath.

"Stop behaving like a freaking mad dog. It feels as if you will take your tongue out and start panting like a thirsty one. Idiot" Elizabeth commented looking at Lorenzo and he stopped for a moment to give her a look.

He could not believe what he had just heard.

"Excuse me? Girls die for this face alright." He tried boasting but was soon cut off by a sarcastic reply that she gave.

"I know right. Girls love dogs. Must have felt you are one of them." She teased him further.

Edwin shook his head looking at the duo.

How could they even do stuff like that in such a complicated and tensed situation.

"Such kids you two are." Edwin remarked looking at them when his phone rang.

He looked at it to see who it was a d then looked in his car.

There were people who were still there. Shall he except the call.

He was still contemplating whether to answer the call or not when it just got cut on its own.

Not even a second later, it rang again and this time, everybody's attention was on him. 

He shook his head and accepted the call.

"Yes sweetheart" he spoke in a tone which was very very warm as compared his his usual tone.

He listened to what the person in the other side was saying very calmly instead of interrupting and then answered in a very sweet voice, " I am not at home baby. I am out for some really important work. But I would call you the first as soon as I return." 

He again went quiet before speaking,"I miss you too baby. I will be back soon. Bye bye" and cut the call and sat there as if nothing had happened.

However, the atmosphere at the back was not as calm as it was in the front.

All the people sitting there had their mouths open wide listening to the conversation between them.

 They had no clue that even a person as cold, rude and brutal as Edwin Giovanni could talk to someone in such a sweet tone.

 "Wh.... What was that" Xavier opened his mouth and spoke the words in an extremely disintegrated sense.

"None of your business. Focus on your work." He answered rudely.

"Thank God he is back to the same form that he stays in always. I got scared for a second." Xavier thought in his mind and took a sigh of relief instead of getting hurt by what Edwin just spoke.

The ride was a silent affair until the driver took the car to the outskirts of the city.

"I have been staying here all my life and still I did not know that such a place existed in our city." Lorenzo said looking around as the two cars stopped.

Nothing but barren roads were visible to them at that time.

Everybody got out of the cars and stood at one place.

" We do not have the exact location of that man and we have no idea where he has kept your mom." He said looking towards Rebecca who appeared scared.

"So we will not be able to find mom??" She asked.

"Did I ever say that?" Edwin raised a brow.

He was not the goody good type of gentleman who talked to everyone nicely. In fact the only reason why he was enduring those people and helping them was because of his brother and Elizabeth. He has promised to protect her and he would take care of it.

Rebecca shut her mouth listening to his words. She did not want to piss him off anymore. He was helping her find her mother and that was enough for her. She could survive with it.

"Sorry" she apologized for cutting him off in between.

"So as I was saying, we need to split apart in different places so as to find her. Those people are close. We would splits in groups and go in different directions." He waited for their reactions.

Each of the members standing there nodded their heads.

"Okk! So I along with Xavier and Elizabeth would head straight." 

"Alexander you, Rebecca, Nathan and Ethan go in the right side." He paused before continuing"And Alessandro along with Antonio , and Lorenzo should go in the west."

"Your phones should be switched on at all times. As soon as somebody finds a clue as in where they are, they would inform the other person's. Our cars would be parked here only. They might get to know about us because of the horns and other stuff. Make sure that you guys do not create any noise. And everybody, keep your guns intact. You might need them anytime. The man would not let go of Rebecca's mother that easily." He narrated the whole plan to the clan.

"By the way, what is her name?" Edwin asked the most important question.

"Alexia ...... Alexia Miller" Rebecca replied after a long pause.

It had been years since she has heard her mother's name from somebody's mouth. This all have her a nostalgia.

"You would be free soon mom! I promise." She pledged in her heart and she would make sure to live upto it .

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