CHAPTER 3:New Morning

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"Good morning sweetheart ' murmured a voice near my ear.

"Hmmm". I muttered softly.

Wake up we need to leave. Came the voice again.

I turned my head and looked at the source of voice to see Xavier looking at me lovingly. I put my arms around my neck and pulled him close. Let me sleep a little longer.

As much as I love your calm face we need to leave baby girl....

I sighed and got up the bed and corrected my disheaveled clothes. I looked around to find Xavier wearing his shirt too.

He grabbed my hand and we left the room together. We checked out of the club. I walked up to my Ferrari and opened the door and sat in. Xavier kept looking at me..

What get inside. I said.

He got in my car took out his phone and called someone. Get my car picked from Nightingale club he said

Okk sir came the voice from other side

I started the engine and within 25 minutes we reached home.

I need to visit them... I said once we were inside.

Why ? He asked with a frown.

I got a mail from the court. They found me and are legally going to claim me and I can't even decline it.

He sighed.. Maybe we could do something about this.

We can't I exclaimed...

Okk saying this he pulled me in a kiss.

We broke apart after some time when are you going to leave? He asked carefully accessing my face.

Tomorrow I replied...

I will miss you he growled.

Me too I exclaimed.

Won't they hurt you again. Don't worry not this time my eyes darkened as I said those words. They are not going to see the sweet 4 year old Elizabeth they thought they could harm and blame every time.

Tomorrow came faster than expected...And she packed her bags. She knew they could come any time.

She drove to the court and stood aside with her lawyer at one side.

She stood aside until somebody came into her view,....

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