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So Elizabeth please with me to the house." said Adrianna holding holding her hand.

Before Elizabeth could say something, Xavier interrupted, " Mom what is the need for her to go home. You can come her anytime to meet her."

But Adrianna was adamant. She had something else in her mind and she was sure so as to execute that. If what she was thinking was right then this would be the best scenario so as to bring it out.

She looked at Xavier and found him desperate enough to not let Elizabeth meet Asher. Adrianna smirked in her head looking at her elder son. 

If he was the boss, she was her mother. She would make sure that things come out soon. Come on she was excited to see her grandchildren.

She looked at Xavier and said," You shut up Xav! Why would you not let Elizabeth come home. I know that she is a colleague but lets leave that outside office. I like the girl here and I would like to take her home. As my friend. What say Elizabeth. Would you like to become my friend. " asked Adrianna looking back at Elizabeth.

She sighed before nodding her head and said," Sure ma'am I would love to become your friend. And I would come to your house as well." 

"That is great dear. So this is set, we have a family dinner organized tonight. I want you to come along."

"Okk ma'am. " Elizabeth nodded her head.

"Also make sure that you wear something glittery. You know any gown, and short dress would also do." 

Now Elizabeth looked confused, "But why ma'am it is just a family dinner na. Then why do I have to dress up like that." 

"Ohh dear you do not know our family tradition . We people dress up in the most extravagant way possible. Every there would be in such types of clothes only. Make sure you dress up nicely. Asher would love to meet you." said Adrianna with a wink. 

Elizabeth nodded her head embarrassed . That was when Adrianna took her leave saying," Alright Elizabeth, I would like to see you tomorrow night. Do come by 8:00."

"Okk ma'am I would be there."

"Okk Xavier, Elizabeth , I would no longer disturb you 2. And Elizabeth it would be better if you leave right now. You know it is not safe to travel alone at night." 

Elizabeth gave her a nod. 

After Adrianna left, Xavier and Elizabeth were left alone in the room. She looked at him to find his face extremely cold. She could not help feel bad looking at him. But Adrianna had invited her and talked to her so nicely. She could not refuse her. 

She sighed and turned her face towards Xavier and asked, " Why is your face like this. Don't you want me to meet my family. Elizabeth did not get any reply so she just got up and got to the back of Xavier. She hugged him from behind. She clinged to his neck tightly and whispered hotly in his ears.

"Xavier , tell me do you not want me to meet your family. Do not stay quiet like that please."

But he still did not speak up. So she turned his body towards her side, held her face in his hands and said, " If that is the case then do not worry. I won't come. I would tell your mom that some emergency came up so I won't be able to join and we can meet here in the office." saying this, she was about to leave from there but Xavier held her hand and back hugged her.

"That is not the case baby. But mom is trying to set you up with Asher and I do not want that. I do not want to see you with anybody but me . Just me." he said as he nuzzled his nose in the crook of her neck.

Hearing the word baby gave a thousand goosebumps to Elizabeth but she quickly covered that up. But she could not help herself as she felt tingling sensation as he nuzzled more and dig his face deeper in her neck.

So then should I come or not" she asked getting confused.

"You come. Just do not accept if Asher gives any advances towards you. I will handle the rest."

"But what if he tries to talk to me himself. I can't ignore someone deliberately when I myself am going to your house as a guest."

"Do not worry about that. I would handle that brat." said Xavier thinking about his naughty brother. He knew what type of a jovial man he is but only for his family.

And if he knows that there is something going on between Xavier and Elizabeth then he won't leave a chance to tease him.

"I would handle that brat personally if he tries to approach my woman." with that thought, Xavier looked on to see Elizabeth going from his cabin.



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