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"Ohh I thought that the sweet little cousin of ours had left. But looks like she is still over here. Well what could i expect from this family . Someone who could think that a little girl could plan to murder her own mother could do anything in this world." thought Elizabeth but did not utter a word.

She stared dead in the eyes of the girl who was looking back at her smugly giving a dirty look to her.

"Oh my god dear cousin you are back. Ohh I missed you so much " Rebecca came forward to hug Elizabeth but before she could touch her Elizabeth took a step back . She still did not utter a word. So Rebecca thought to use this situation in her favor and said" Looks like cousin Elizabeth is angry with me. Look uncle Sandro she did not even let me hug her" She said and bit her lower lip trying to act cute.

"Do not act like that Rebecca you look like a Fool. " said Ethan.

Rebecca did not say anything but gritted her teeth as her plan of gaining attention failed miserably. She stood up and went to another side and stood there without saying anything.

"Ok whatever, I will be leaving for my room "said Rebecca and started going back to the first floor when she saw that really nobody was paying her any attention.

Rosaline cut her off and said "Umm Eli let's go to your room baby. " she said and asked the attendies to pick up her luggage and follow her. She saw her mother going to the first floor and then taking a left turn instead of right. She remembered that her room was in the right side of the floor but still did not say anything. She was very quiet and stood there observing everything.

She saw her mother go to the last room on the left side of the floor and asked the attendies to keep the stuff inside. "Elizabeth you can stay over here " she said .

Elizabeth opened her mouth and asked " But why? As far as i remember my room was in the right side of the floor . So why the GUEST ROOM" she said emphasizing on the word 'Guest'.

"Umm actually actually Eli Rebecca has taken that room . But see you can stay over here. This room is also very well maintained " "Off course, It had to be Rebecca" said Elizabeth in a low tone but that was heard by Rosaline.

"I am very sorry Elizabeth she came over here and directly placed her stuff in your room . We could not do anything" said Rosaline trying her best to defend herself and the family.

"When were you guys ever be able to do anything?" this time Elizabeth said looking straight in Rosaline's eyes and though she did not mean to hurt her mother Unknowingly she still did with her words.

"I....... I am very sorry Eli" muttered Rosaline looking down.

"No problem mother " she said not being able to do any more drama.

Rosaline left the room and went back to her own room post that.

Elizabeth inhaled a deep breath and decided to place her things in the cupboard of the room.

It took her around 2 hours to arrange everything according to her needs and post that she went to the bathroom to have a shower.

Post that she decided to call Xavier and update him about the conditions.

She called him on his personal phone. After 2 bells the phone was picked up and she heard a deep husky voice from the other side " I was waiting for your call. Did not call you myself thinking you might be busy dealing that so called family of yours and I would disturb you. " said Xavier before Elizabeth could say anything.

She sat down on the couch as a chuckle escaped her throat " You can never disturb me. You know that. Also you can call me anytime and I would pick your call doesn't matter what i am doing." she said.

"Even if i videocall you." "Even if you videocall me" .

"Even if you are in a shower"

"even if I am in a Show...." she stopped saying immediately and bit her tongue on what she was about to say.

Xavier chuckled as soon it was replaced by a full blown laugh. "Ohh sweetheart what would i do of you?" she questioned as he sat on his office chair.

"You tricked me into this. You are an idiot Xavier" she said as she took her pillow and placed it under her head.

"Am I?" he asked.

"You are." she said.

"Are you sure I mean and idiot could do anything so do not question me if i do something naughty or dirty to you." he said as his voice turned deeper and his eyes turned extremely darker.

This time even Elizabeth did not hesitate and said " I would not complain even if you do anything "she said.


"Fine then sweetheart . Do as i say till I am not there." he said as he soon videos called her.

She picked it up and he saw what she was wearing. She was in a skimpy shorts and a crop top of satin of his favorite color blue.

"Open the knots of your shorts baby" he said in a husky tone and she followed without a word.

"Now take your fingers down there and touch yourself for me baby." he said as he watched her actions with his hawk like eyes. She still followed him wordlessly.

She took her fingers down south and started rubbing herself slowly. She closed her eyes and unknowingly a moan escaped her throat . She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her hand assuming in to be his doing naughty things to her.

Xavier was seeing her moaning his name in a very sensual manner . He so wished to do insane things to her then and there and ravage her in a way others were prohibited to.

Soon she came and took her fingers back to her mouth and licked them looking directly in Xavier's eyes and then brought them out of her mouth and showed them to him. He felt so hot.

He abruptly ended the call and went straight home to take a cold shower whereas Elizabeth laughed out loud evilly on his actions.


She went ahead to handle some of her work details when someone knocked her door.

"Maam the dinner is ready. Sir is calling you down." a maid named juyi said.

"I'll be there ." she answered in a monotone.

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