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A screech sound of tyer could be heard as the car stopped at the entrance of the beach house that was owned by the Giovannis.

Elizabeth got down first and Xavier quickly followed her act and came and stood next just beside her as she saw her ogling at the house.

"Close you mouth. A mosquito might fly in." he joked seeing her expressions.

"This is so beautiful. She said and did not bother acknowledging the statement he just passed about her.

"It is, dad and uncle had specially built this one over here. We brothers have so many memories associated with it.

" I am sure they love it ." she exclaimed.

"Very much" he replied and quickly caught hold of her hand as the two made an entry inside.

All the others were already standing inside the hall and Noah and Asher were fighting a bit trying to select the best rooms for themselves where as the elders were not paying any attention to them as if they were used to their daily drama.

"All right. Stop it Asher, Noah. I would be the one who decided who will get which room." Leonardo said shutting the two up.

They kept quiet for the rest of the conversation knowing that they would face the wrath of the their grandfather if they tried anything funky.

"So, all the elders would be staying in the ground floor. And you youngsters and quickly hop on to the first floor if you do not want your chance to stay there being snatched.

Noh did not need to be told twice as she quickly hoped on the stairs running to take his favorite room just behind Asher who had already gone there just after Leonardo completed the first half of his sentence.

"These kids." Adrianna shook her head looking at the 5 year old trapped inside an adult body.

From outside, nobody could tell that these are the same two people who media fears approaching.

Damn these men.

Edwin was looking very unbothered about the situation. He also quickly got up from his seat and was about to go when his phone rang.

Everyone looked at him with a questioning gaze so he took his phone out and smiled looking at the person on the call .

Everybody was taken aback seeing him smiling so widely.

He picked it up and answered," Yes Princess." and went upstairs leaving everybody else with their mouths wide open.

"You heard that." Amelia said to her husband looking at her son who was behaving like an unknown person.

"Yu...... Yup." even he was too shocked to form proper sentences.

Edwin talking to somebody so politely. And that too calling someone with nicknames other that Sarah came as a shocker to family.

"I feel Sarah has a competition. " Adrianna giggled at her own statement.

"This is Latest news. We must tell it to her." Amelia said again.

Soon, everyone dispersed to their respective rooms.

Elizabeth and Xavier also climbed upstairs and saw that Asher, Noah and Edwin had taken their rooms.

So, just two rooms were left.

The two on the rightmost side of the corridor and they were adjacent and connected.

"Seems like my brothers have done their part of the work." Xavier thought in his mind and thanked them for proceeding forward with the first part of PLAN.

They went ahead and bid each other goodbye as they kept their stuff in their respective rooms.

"Okk, see you in the evening." Elizabeth bid Xavier a goodbye as she did not see him resisting at all.

She thought that maybe he would want to stay there a little longer. But he was intrigued to not insist on spending more time with her.

So, Elizabeth also let it pass and did not say anything about it.

"Bye ." she said waving her hand while he reciprocated the gesture.

She went to his room, and kept her stuff inside first.

She sighed looking at the temperature outside. 

It was kind of sunny. "Perfect time to go to a beach." she thought with a smile.

Xavier on the other hand did not go inside.

As soon as he heard her close the door, he quickly walked outside and called someone.

He talked to the person on the other side of the phone and after finishing it, he had a satisfactory smirk on his face.

"You would never be able to forget this vacation Elizabeth." he thought in his mind and disappeared from the place he was standing at.


Elizabeth had went to take a sweet nap and she looked at her phone . 

It was almost 6 in evening. She looked outside the window and saw that there were some people at the beach.

She called Natasha and conversed with her for sometime and then went to the bathroom to change.

The two had decided that they had come to the beach.

So they would make sure that they enjoy pretty much.

They had planned that they would go to have a swim at the beach and even try other water activities.

She came out wearing a beautiful white bikini.

"I look hot." she said looking at herself and then carressing her skin.

She picked up her white cover up and went downstairs to find that everyone had already left for the beach.

"I am late." she said to herself and wore her sandals and ran to the beach.

On the other hand, Xavier looked at his half done work with a satisfactory look on his face.

"Indeed, the best." he said.







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