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I entered the huge dining room. There was a very long table placed right in the middle of the room. Alongside that, there were numerous chairs adjoining the table. It looked very lavish.

I ducked my head and looked forward and saw Mr. Alessandro sitting on the head table. Alexander was on the Right whereas mom was on left of him...... my SPERM DONOR.

2 chairs were left empty parallel to each other post that. Next to that were sitting Nathan and Ethan facing one another . And next what i saw made my day.

I saw Antonio sitting on the next side of Nathan and and i squeaked and jumped forward in his arms hugging him tightly. He laughed before embracing me and lifted my up and i held onto his shoulders for support. We both giggled looking at each other as he brought me down back on the ground and embraced me again pulling me close to his chest and giving me the brotherly feeling i was dying to have .

We both started talking. He was definitely my favorite and he probably knew that looking at the smug look he gave to the other brothers on mine. Alexander looked away with a scoff muttering some incoherent words that i could not hear but by the look on his face it was clear that he was jealous.

Antonio pulled me further close to himself and started asking me about my travel and stay till here. I nodded positively at his questions as i did not want to reveal what i actually felt. It was not meant for him to know that.

I went forward and had a seat beside mother. The seat in front of me was empty. I did not pay much attention to it and served food for myself. I was just about to take the first bite when the door of the dining hall opened ajar and was pushed open with such a force at at a moment i thought that it could have been dislocated from its original position.

Came in view was a boy rather a very handsome man as he entered the hall and looked straight in my eyes and shouted at the top of his voice. "What the hell is this slut doing on my seat. Hey you did nobody tell you that maids are not allowed to sit with masters. Go back to do your work . Get up go and do your work." he shouted angrily and started coming closer to me. I sat there without giving him any expressions. I do not give a fuck about what he thinks or feels. He can go to hell for all i care.

"You Are you even listening to me hann. I asked you to get up the seat . How dare you sit there? You Bit... " before he could continue , Alexander stood stood and shouted "Enough Lorenzo just because I am not saying anything does not means youcould talk to your sister in anyways.

"This Bitch is not my sister . She is only a doppelganger . Do not believe her Alexander. THis slut i will..." before he could continue , alexander held his collars and they both started fighting. Antonio was trying yo stop them both. Mr Alessandro was sitting silently till now and not saying a word. My my gaze fell on a figure entering the dining room. Rebecca Here she was . She smirked looking at the scene in front of her and took a seat in front of antonio's.

"Enough sit back both of you" suddenly came the voice of Mr. Alessandro. "Have a seat Alexander and Lorenzo I said" he spoke seeing them glaring at each other.

"Everybody finish having your food" he spoke as he sat down again on his seat. Lorenzo took the seat in front on me and served himself not before glaring at me. But i still did not spoke a word.

I looked by my side to see Rebecca still smirking like she was enjoying all the drama that was happening over her. Off course the girl loves to see me in some trouble. That's what she did years ago. That is what she is doing right now.

Alessandro looked at me and then started" I am sorry for Lorenzo's behavior Elizabeth I did not know he would do something like that." He looked upto me to find a reaction but my face still did not give away any emotion to them . They could all fuck off for all i cared. I am not answerable to anybody except mother and antonio.

I looked at my side once again and saw that antonio had changed seats with Ethan and had come by my side.

He forwarded his hand and gestured me to eat and i happily ate. He continued feeding me and I did not stop. Antonio never did anything bad to me. He always supported me. Always.

He had a satisfactory smile on his face as i finished eating food from his hands. He looked around and started boasting how he was my favorite brother. Well technically he was!

He looked to Alexander and said" Look here she is my sister she will eat only with my hands" I could see the grip of Alexander's hand on his fork tightened as he began smashing the pasta he had on his face.

Antonio again said" Do not be jealous big brother I am well capable to take care of my sister. You do not have to worry at all."

Suddenly the environment of the room changed as my phone began buzzing. I took a look at it and saw it was Xavier. I could not pick his phone up in front of these people.

I was about to cut it but Alessandro said in a thick voice "PICK IT UP".







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