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"Ya actually it was Natasha . She has asked me to accompany her to shopping."

"Ohh I knew that the girl would not let me live peacefully once her wedding date is finalized. But I did not realize that she would start disturbing you as well."

"Well she is not exactly disturbing me. And I kind off like her." Elizabeth said shrugging her shoulders.

"Ohh so now, you like her?" Xavier asked in a teasing tone.

Elizabeth's face flushed with embarrassment listening to his statement. She knew that he was just teasing her but she still felt a bit bad on how she easily judged the two of them.

She had apologized to Xavier but she did not yest apologize to Natasha. She felt bad for it. Moreover, she did not even know what she would have thought if she got to know what Elizabeth had said about her and Xavier.

She was guilty and that killed filled her heart from within.

Xavier saw her upset face and knew that the things he had said for teasing her affected her .

He quickly pulled her in a hug and started rubbing her back.

"Hey I did not mean to make you feel bad about it. I am sorry baby." he said while continuously cooing her.

He clunged onto him like a koala and said, " I know that. I just don't understand how I am going to face Natasha. And how is she going to react when she gets to know about it."

"Hmm you are right. So why dont we do one thing. We should go to shopping together. I would accompany you and we will let her know about what happened. Will that suppress your guilt."

"Ya I think you are right. Lets finish our breakfast fast and then we would leave ." Elizabeth said.

They two quickly sat and finished their breakfast, got ready and left the place within half an hour.

The two soon get off their car and were standing outside the boutique Natasha had asked them to come to.

Just a moment after they got off, Natasha appeared out of nowhere and jumped in front of them .

Xavier almost jumped at her actions. He kept his hand on his heart," Are you fucking mad. Why the hell are you acting like a chimpanzee."

"You idiot, You scared me." he said breathing heavily.

"What the hell are you going here. I had asked just Elizabeth to come to uninvited selfish person." Natasha said taunting him.

"Hey you are my best friend. Why can't I join you guys."

"Join us. Listen, this is a girls shopping place. The ladies in there are going to throw yo0u out of the place." Natasha said pointing at the boutique.

Xavier made a face listening to her statement but then turned again and smirked and said,"This handsome face. Do you see it. You think someone is going to throw me out, off course not." he said boasting himself.

"Stop being a self obsessed idiot." Natasha countered.

Elizabeth who was listening to their banters for almost last 10 minutes now finally burst out laughing.

"You two are such idiots. Well if anybody does not know that you guys are best friends, they will assume you to be 2 idiots fighting with each other."

Xavier was openly admiring her laughing where as Natasha on the other hand smirked and nudged Xavier towards her in an almost teasing sense.

Xavier who understood what she was saying said," So what. This is my girlfriend. I can admire her, kiss her, hold her."

Natasha jumped in happiness listening to this and said, "What is that right. Boyfriend! Girlfriend. Is it official guys. OMG yes!"

"You seem happier than the two of us. " Xavier said frowning.

"Off course I am. Now I do not have to entertain your sorry ass at night. God this guy always disturbs me when I am with Liam."

"How mean Natasha. " Xavier pouted.

"Come on now, stop trying to gain sympathy. Let's go inside fast." Natasha quickly dismissed him and held Elizabeth's hand in her and started to move forward.

"Hey wait. Actually we wanted to talk to you about something." Xavier said holding Elizabeth's hand in his.

He was not confident about how Natasha would react to the situation. He he knew that he wanted to clear all those things eagerly.

"Actually Natasha" Elizabeth took a pregnant pause before resuming her statements and telling Natasha all that happened that day.

Natasha's face turned into a poker face when she heard there statements.

She let go of Elizabeth's hand and stood at a distance.

The environment of the place turned very very serious.

But what happened next shocked Elizabeth to the core. Never had she imagined that something like this would happen.

It felt like life was full of surprise.

Some good, some not so good.








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