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The next words that came out of the girl's mouth were enough to scare the hell out of Elizabeth.

"It has been so long bunny baby. I have missed you so much."

Did she hear right? What was all this . Why was this girl calling Xavier Bunny Baby? And why the hell was he smiling looking at her like an idiot.

She needed answers and she would make sure to get them. But Xavier was ignoring her presence as if he had not been present there.

"Xav.." before I could complete my sentence, he looked at me and said, " Would you please leave us for a few minutes Ms. Miller. We need to talk to each other in private." without giving out any emotion.

I do not know why but it deeply hurt me. They were just talking. But what was it that they were not able to talk about in front of me. Why is it that I needed to go out and why the hell they needed privacy. They just wanted to talk right?

Seeds of small doubts had been implemented in the brain of Elizabeth. The journey she had covered with this man was very very short.

How long had she known him? Just a few days. What was there in between them. They were not in a relationship. They just kissed. There was no named bond in between them. And now this new girl who though did not look bad from face but could do anything was here in his office hugging the hell out of this man.

And on top of that Xavier had asked her to leave them alone. All the thoughts were clouding in her head but she did not voice them out right now. She needed to be very very careful with the words she use.

Words are hazardous and nobody knew that better than the ABANDONED girl.

She nodded her head looking at them but both of them were so engrossed in each other that none of them decided to spare anyone even a single glance.

She left from there.


It has been 4 hours since Xavier and the girl were inside the cabin. The sound of laughs had been resonating inside the room.

However one thing that she knew was that her heart was not at peace. She kept her hand on her chest and pressed in lightly trying to calm down her heart.

Soon it was time for her to leave for her home.

She went towards Xavier's room and knocked his door when she did not heard and voice. She knocked again and this time , a faint voice of a girl came from inside.

"Please go. We are busy right now."

She did not know why she felt so uncomfortable at the thought of leaving the two alone.

So she waited outside the room for some time and the decided in her mind that she should talk to Xavier before going to her home.

She was about to knock again but this time decided against it. She waited for another 2 minutes outside the gate and decided to leave for her home.

But then she heard the sound of someone falling on something and then a sound of giggling followed.

She could not control any more and barged inside the room. However the sight she saw there brought her heart a lot of pain.

Tears of frustration gathered in her eyes and she barged out of the room.

However in her heart, she had expected Xavier to follow her.

To explain what the sight she saw was. But that never happened. Nobody came behind her. She went downstairs and sat in her car lobby and went to her home.


Elizabeth was sitting in her house with her eyes full of tears.

Once again someone she trusted badly betrayed her. First her sister Rebecca who she loved more than anything did. And now Xavier with whom she was getting attached to broke her already vulnerable heart into a million pieces.

But one thing was clear to her now. She wiped her tears and swore in her heart that she would not get emotionally associated with that man ever again.

She would not allow anybody else to break her heart like they did.

Like her family did. Her heart filled with deep resentment as soon as the thought of her father came to her mind.

But then all the happy moments she spent with her family followed.

How could they not trust her. Her heart questioned her again. She felt frustrated. Very frustrated. She did not have answers for anything.

She felt like the most stupid and foolish person that existed in this world. Despite of being wronged millions of times, she still had the guts to trust a stranger who she met just a few days back.

God was just punishing her for the deeds she had performed.

She needed to learn that this world was not the one described in the fairy tales. There is no happily ever after in a normal story. There sure are heartbreaks, pain, betrayals, but sadly no happily ever after.

She chuckled dryly at the mere thought when her mind went back to the sight that she saw back in the office.

Her body felt digusted and her heart felt cheated.

She could not help but feel that she was ABANDONED once again. This time, by the man she realized that she had fallen in love with.





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