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Elizabeth was busy eating the food Xavier had prepared. She felt that she would gobble up all the lip smacking food he had prepared.

However, Xavier was somewhat busy seeing her eat the food. She was so busy in it that she did not see that he was staring at her from a lot of time.

But suddenly, she heard something that literally chocked her throat.

"You look so fucking edible right now." he said looking at her and she chocked upon her food listening to it.

She went in coughing and coughing till a hand rubbed her back and passed her a glass of water.

He slowly rubbed her back till she calmed down. She looked at him and asked," What did you say?"

She was in shock. He had never said any such thing to her.

HECK , she thought that he was an innocent man. But looks like she misunderstood him.

She really had a lot of shades of him to uncover right now. She had just seen certain side of his.

And she was already so shocked. How was she supposed to spend a night here when he would be behaving like this.

"God please save me. I am just an innocent virgin." she said mentally pleading to the higher power.

Xavier was looking at her as she was changing her expressions each passing second.

He chuckled a little looking at her. She was looking cute.

However, when he saw that there was some sauce on the side of her lips, he brought his thumb closer to her mouth and wiped the corner of it.

"Have some space in you little tummy for dessert." Xavier asked Elizabeth cutely and she nodded before replying," My stomach is always ready to have some tasty dessert."

She took a moment of pause before continuing her statement," And if there us none left, I would go to the wash room, freshen up, empty my stomach and sit back on the table to eat more."

Xavier listened to her with his eyes wide and as soon as she completed, he burst out into fits of laughter.

"Ohh my lord. You have a crazy sense of humor." he said holding his stomach as it started aching listening to his statements.

She too realized what she said and cupped her own face in embarrassment and looked here and there to see if some one listened to them but there was literally nobody at home.

He soon stopped laughing. Elizabeth also out grew the fact that she said something so embarrassing.

She quickly covered it up with a question," Adrianna said that Edwin is not going with them . So will he join?"

"I do not know. The fact that he had been attacked a few days ago scares me. The goy's life is in risk always."

"Ohh I see. By the way why is some one attacking him." she asked out of curiosity and Xavier froze in his place.

"Fuck, she does not know that we are in the mafia." he thought. He had no idea how would she react when she gets to know about it.

His uncle and aunt were ex capo and queen . And now, by default it was passed on to Edwin and he knew how to handle it too well. Not that his experiences were great.

In fact, he had some really heartbreaking moments in his life that just left him transformed into the rude , cold and closed of person he is.

And the person due to whom he is like this is happy . Really happy.

How come KARMA did not affect them. Well , that was not a topic that was supposed to be discussed amongst them.

"I have some really delicious chocolates in the fridge. Would just be back." Xavier walked away from that place carefully dodging the question not even letting her once realize about it.

He came back with a big black box in his hands.

" Looks like they are imported" said Elizabeth as she saw him opening the box of chocolates .

"Yaa, Noah got them on his way back home when he returned from the business tour." he said passing one of them to her and taking out one himself.

He carefully unwrapped the packet and took a bite and moaned as soon as the piece of chocolate touched his taste buds.

Elizabeth was only seeing him enjoying the taste as if it was the first time he is having a chocolate. However the sounds he was making was making it difficult for her to control her hormones.

He quickly finished the chocolate and kept another in his mouth but this time before he could chew it completely, Elizabeth took the other corner of it in her mouth .

Xavier opened his eyes in a jerk. Earlier, he was so lost in the taste of it that he failed to see her reaction.

But now, she had eaten another side of it almost fighting for taking it out of his mouth. They were fighting for dominance.... sorry the chocolate piece as it swirled between his mouth and hers.

In the end, it went to Elizabeth's mouth as she pulled back licking her lower lip and then wiping the leftover chocolate from the side of her face.

She looked so damn seductive doing that.

Here, Xavier was having different thoughts on his mind.







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