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Xavier was looking at her intensely. He moved towards her to catch a hold of her but she easily dodged him and got up from the place. Xavier on the other side was still seated.

He looked at her to see her looking at her with mischievous eyes.

She began walking towards the stair case that led them upwards to Xavier's room. 

"Where do you think you are going leaving me in this condition baby." Xavier asked with a hoarse voice as he saw her walking upstairs.

"To sleep." she said faking a yawn. You see I am a bit too tired to deal with you. Now, Xavier was a little taken aback. He thought that there was a build up of a moment between them.

Guess he was wrong he thought in his mind but his thoughts changed as soon as he saw the look Elizabeth was passing his way.

"Ohh god. She is teasing me. What an idiot I am to not know about it earlier." he thought as his feet automatically went in the direction in which she was moving.

She knew that he was following her. She could hear his foot steps. She went and stood hear one door. She waited for him to reach to her and when he did, before letting him speak anything, she said," Where would I be sleeping tonight." 

"Ohh I meant where is the guest room." she said innocently battling her eyes.

 "You want to sleep in the guest room." he more of like questioned himself.

"Where else would I be sleeping Xavier." she asked as she continued to keep an innocent look on her face. 

But contrary to that, devils were dancing inside her mind. She knew that she wanted to tease the hell out of him.

She was not going to make the first move time this. Last time she did, let him do it this time.

She had a literal devil laughing on top of her head right now. She was more that excited to see how Xavier would react.

"Also by the way. When would Adrianna and all the others return. You know, they did not inform while going."

"I did talk to them in the evening only, they said that they would be returning after 4 days."

"Ahh 4 days ! I see. That means I have to stay here for 4 days."

"Yup! That is right."

"Okk as for now, please tell me where would I be staying tonight."

Xavier sighed and told her the way towards the guest room. She quickly thanked him and moved towards the area.

Xavier was deeply disappointed by the fact that she would be staying in a seperate room. Honestly, he was pretty excited to share his room with Elizabeth. He did not know that she would want to stay at a different room.

Perhaps, she was not really ready to stay with him in one room. That was something married couples do and he was not married.

He needed to take care of her comfort and privacy and he did. He did force her to stay with him. On contrary, he left that place and went to his room.

He quickly changed his outfit into night clothes, switched off the lights and went off to bed.

Elizabeth on the other side was waiting for Xavier to come to her. She thought that he would come running to her but she did not know that her plan would backfire at her only and she would loose the soul chance of spending such great time with Xavier.

She was a bit angry at him and herself too. What was the need to give him mixed signals. God! Now he would not even come to her room.

He clearly respected her way too much to overlook her consent. And she knew that very well.

She was mentally scolding herself due to her foolishness.

Another hour passed and there still was no clue of Xavier.

"He would not come you idiot." she said and she was very sure about it.

"But wait a minute. If he cant come atleast I can go. He would surely not be refusing me." she decided and quickly  hopped down the bed and ran till she reached Xavier's room. 

She slowly opened the door to see it pitch black. Everything was dark. 

"Seems like he has fell asleep. I guess I am a bit late." she said to her self in a low voice so that nobody else to listen.


She quickly went inside the room and saw that he was sleeping facing the other side. She debated whether to disturb him or not.

"Wait girl . He is your boyfriend. It is your birth right to disturb the hell out of this man." she thought in her mind as she saw him laying there without any movements.

It appeared as if he was in a deep sleep. However that did not really matter to Elizabeth as she hopped on the bed and soon, raised the quilt and got inside it.

She back hugged the man and made herself comfortable in his lap. She needed a good place to sleep.

"Hmm he feels so warm." she thought as she continued to cuddle him with her eyes closed. 

But suddenly, she felt movements around herself and was taken aback a little by what she saw.







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