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'"Hey Elizabeth. Come on . Let's go to the club. Anyways, tomorrow is Christmas. Any ways, your birthday is also near. So where are we going for it." a voice resonated in the not so empty room.

Elizabeth did not reply to the question. Her face displayed a really boring look. She surely was missing someone pretty badly.

"Come on . Don't ignore me like this." the same voice came again.

Lily was Elizabeth's friend from the office. One she still had.  Even after leaving it, this one friend was somebody she could not leave behind.

James stood there with a bored face watching his siter plead Elizabeth and said," Maybe she just wants to rest. Let her Lily." 

Lily glared at him and gave him an action to shut up. He made a face seeing her.

"Nobdy is really talking to you over here. So better shut up you punk. Is it really neccessary to put you leg in every thing for you." 

"Fine I was just saying fir your benefit. Don't listen if you don't want to. You loss." "Bitch." he uttered under his breath in a slow voice but lily was fast enough to her that and react to it.

"I will tell it to mom." Lily warned and James made a face frustrated.

"Wait till I complain about you to Xavier as well." Lily said and James face lost colors.

"Nobody her is going to talk about Xavier Giovanni . Nobody at all." Elizabeth said as her gaze travelled from James finally settling at Lily.

"But he is so hot." pouted lily. "All the girls fangirl over him even knowing that he is......." before Lily could complete, Elizabeth sent a bad glare her way.

"Alright alright. I would not tell anything to him. Neither would I interrupt your secret romance. Relax girl!" she giggled and James cleared his throat in an attempt to make his presence felt too which the two ladies clearly ignored.

Ignoring the blant insult that was passed his way, he said," Maybe we should just wait for Xavier instead of heading to the club. You know what happened last time. He would not let you go alone Elizabeth."

"We are leaving." Elizabeth said looking at her watch as the time had struck past what Xavier had promised he would be there before.

She was wearing a beautiful red strapless dress and a Rolex watch in her right hand and pair of back danglers completed her look. She looked like a fine rose ready to seduce every man out there but come in the destiny of none for she had already been booked.

"They left the mansion. On reaching the club, Elizabeth decided to loosen up a but. She walked in the middle of the club and started dancing swaying her hips from one side to the other. Men around started looking at her with lustful gazes. Soon, one came near her and started trying to get a little too close. He was about to approach her mouth for a kiss bit she was quick enough to turn her head to the other side clearly avoiding it.

All this time, she could feel a glare pointed towards her. She knew where it came from. After all, she had put on this show for that very person. But he did not need to know about it at all.

Before the man could touch her further, an arm came and grabbed onto his hand. The man started shouting out in pain as his hand was getting twisted. Unbearable pain spread through his arm as he felt that his hand was close to being broken before it was left and the man quickly clutched it with his other hand. 

"Back Off." a voice growled. 

The man began sweating after looking at who was talking to him.

"Never ever think about touching my woman . Did you get it." he said reducing the distance between them as he could only nod his head, that too in a yes.

Elizabeth smirked seeing her effect and came in between and kept her hand on his chest in an attempt to calm his down.

"Relax Xavier." she exclaimed, however her expressions were nowhere near innocent. It was clear that she had done it only to provoke him. 

Xavier as though reacting on her words calmed down a bit but anger filled his system again remembering the sight he just saw in front of his eyes not long ago.

He felt jealous. Extremely JEALOUS.

Elizabeth smirked seeing her effect on him. She knew how it affected him and she loved to get a reaction out of him. Xavier caught hold of her hand and dragged her along with him to a private room of the club.

He opened the door, brought her inside and pushed her too the wall.

"What do you think you were doing there ." he asked, anger oozing out of voice.

"Tell me baby" he said placing his face in the crook of her neck inhaling sharply. It still sent goosebumps down her spine.

Elizabeth's gaze softened as she heard the words he was saying.

"Nothing, just trying to test other men.......... you know what I mean." she said dragging her voice making it painfully impossible for him.

Xavier frowned at her statements and said," Don't even try. You are mine. Just mine." he exclaimed as his face travelled from her neck to her earlobe peppering kissed near it.

He took her earlobe in between his teeth making her release a sensual moan turning him on even more. But the, suddenly his demeanour changed and he brought his face back to her neck biting her roughly making her hiss.

But Xavier did not leave her and and immediately closed her mouth with his grabbing her into a demanding kiss as if staking his claim on her.

"All mine" he groaned pulling away slightly after having a good taste of her mouth leaving her lips swollen.

"All yours." she agreed as a small smile finally broke on his face.

But she quickly went ahead, pushing him aside leaving him stunned and sat on the bed saying," You are Late."

"And that is why you decided to pull that stunt down there." he said understanding the matter pretty well.

She sighed looking at him," Sorry." she muttered almost inaudibally. But due to the lack of any kind of sound in the room, that also could be heard.

"You never ever say that word again. My queen should never apologize to anybody." he said walking up to her, sitting beside her on the bed.

She pulled him closer by his collar and he lets her have her ways with him. She whispered in a soft voice," Cuddle me to sleep." and he immediately obliged to the command passed his way.

He took his shirt off, came close to her, lay her down on the bed and lay himself beside her , her head on his shoulder, his fingers in her hair caressing them slightly creating her soothing e=sensation in her body as he spoke," Good night Mia Cara."

"Good night Xavier." she muttered in a slow voice before drifting off to sleep.






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