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"Well, so you mean to say that you guys are married for a while now." Alexander asked stunned listening to the long story her sister and the guy who claimed to be her husband told him.

That is right" they agreed.

"You  know why this girl is her." Matteo said pointing out at Elizabeth before continuing," That is because you guys failed to find out why the incident with her happened in her child hood."

"This girl has suffered a lot. We let her go because you had rights on her. But now, I do not see that there is any outcome of the whole scenario so I would like to take the matters in my hand."

"I am alone enough for my daughter." he completed and Alessandro looked at him like he would kill him any minute if he called his daughter theirs one more time.

"Well now, we all know what the matter is. So, I would like you guys to please respect my family." Elizabeth said indicating the Giovanni's to be her family members.

"Your family. Then what are we." Lorenzo demanded roughly.

He has had enough. He had been quiet all this while. But now, no more.

Some man cannot just come and claim their sister to be her fiancee and he is not just going to listen to him.

"Married or not married. She is not leaving anywhere." Alexander dead planned on which the three, Alessandro, Lorenzo and even Antonio nodded.

"And who are you to decide that Mr." Matteo dead planned.

"Her brother." he glared back with equal frequency.

Elizabeth sighed looking at the drama unfolding in front of her.

She looked at Xavier and he, who was having a stoic face till now finally softened his gaze while looking at her.

He answered her unasked question," They were missing you."

"Hmm" she nodded and shifted closer to him hugging him slightly missing his warmth.

Xavier also hugged her back. It had been a long time. He missed her in his arms as well..

"Hey . Stay away from my sister." Lorenzo said acting all cavemanish.

Everybody's attention shifted from the fighting spree to the duo who were hugging each other.

The Giovanni's smiled and on the other hand , the Millers had a bad scowl on their face.

Alessandro growled seeing the man cozy up with his daughter and so, he marched towards the two.

Rosaline on the other hand was worried that her husband and son might create a big scene. She did not want her daughter to fall in trouble due to them again.

"You. Do not dare touch her again you understand." Alessandro said screaming in Xavier's face however, his face did not betray a single emotion.

"Mr. Miller. This girl standing right beside me is my wife. I have a legal right on her. You cannot take her away from me." Xavier spoke in an extremely sound voice.

"You. D not forget who you are talking to." Alessandro shouted.

"And who exactly am I shouting at?" Xavier retorted , his face still calm and serene.

"You are talking to your father in law young boy." Alessandro was all riled up and did not realize what he said.

"Dad!" multiple voices were heard in the background and it did not take Alessandro a lot of time to realize what he had said in anger.

"Well. Its good that you have acknowledged the fact that I am your son in law. So now, as you are not ready to send my wife along with me, let's do one thing." Xavier said and paused in his sentence waiting to get a reaction.

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