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As soon as Elizabeth reached inside her house she saw all the member panicking . Alexander was trying to call someone. Alessandro looked quiet frustrated. Antonio also looked worried and surprisingly so did Lorenzo.

The house was almost a chaos. Ethan and Nathan were also trying contacting somebody. Nobody payed attention to her. She went ahead forward and cleared her throat. The attention of all the family members shifted to Elizabeth. They all stared at her as if she was a ghost. They all looked pissed looking at her.

Before she could say anything further, Antonio rushed towards him and hugged her tightly. After sometime she patted him on his shoulder indicating to leave her. His expressions suddenly changed from happy to angry.

"Where the hell were you last night hun. Do you know how worried we all were . We thought we had lost you again baccha (child)."

"I am very sorry Antonio." Elizabeth said . She then turned to others. "I am sorry for disturbing you guys . I did not attempt to do anything like that. It was unintentional."

Lorenzo scoffed. "Next time you go somewhere make sure that you take someone with you or at least inform before leaving. Or is it that you are doing all this for attention."

Elizabeth did not retort back and went to her room leaving all others confused

They knew that something was just not right with the girl.


Elizabeth was sitting completing the pending work of hers that she was not able to do due to all of this drama. Just when someone knocked in her room. She looked up and was shocked to see Rebecca standing there with her head low.

Before Elizabeth could say anything, Rebecca came and stood in front of her. Elizabeth went highly suspicious. What was this girl doing here especially after what she did to her a day before. Was she here for another beating.

"I am sorry. Very Very sorry Elizabeth. Very sorry." she broke down as she was continuously apologizing to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth did not know what to say. Was she doing another drama.

Maybe. But she could not lift her eyes from Rebecca. She looked in a very poor state at the moment. Her eyes were red, Kohl was spread on her face. Her makeup was completely destroyed. Elizabeth could not help but forward her hand for Rebecca to hold. She took hold of it and stood up. She then lightly hugged Elizabeth and repeated " I am very sorry for everything. Please forgive me. I can't help these. Please. Please I am not bad. Please believe me Eli" she called her by her nickname like she used to do years back.

Elizabeth got extremely emotional listening to her nickname again from the girl. She had not expected anything like that especially after so many years. Before she could confront Rebecca, she rushed back out of the room this time.

Elizabeth was rooted to her position. Her mind was not able to interpret what caused Rebecca's behavior to change suddenly. But she was not a fool. She won't forgive her so easily. She would make her suffer as much as she did.


Elizabeth was in the kitchen cooking something for herself to eat as she was feeling extremely hungry and it was not yet time for dinner. That was when Lorenzo came into the kitchen. She ignored him like plague. He was not used to it so in order to draw her attention he went towards her and started peeping in the dish she was making for herself.

"Eww that looks like shit." he said.

"Nobody asked you what your face looks like." she retorted sassily.

He made a face and turned around and was about to leave when the open end of his jacket god stuck in sheet on which the food was placed. He took a step ahead and all the food along with the utensils fell on the floor breaking into pieces making a huge amount of noise.

"What the Hell! What did you do hun. You did this intentionally na u bastard." she threw a series of curses on his face while he listened to her. But how could he keep his big mouth shut. He looked at her and said" how does it even matters if that food fell down. Either ways it did not look good . You can ask someone else to cook something for you."

"You are nobody to tell me what i should be doing and what not. I will do whatever i like so keep your mouth shut right now." Elizabeth said back to them.

Meanwhile all the house members came rushing down hearing the sound of something falling. There they witnessed that scene but before they could react they heard the bickering of the 2 siblings and also heard the colorful words they were throwing at each other.

Alessandro had enough of all the drama in the house and lost his control at once and shouted . "Shut up you both. In my office. Now"

Both of them looked at each other with gritted teeth and then moved to follow Alessandro till they reached his office. All of took their respective seats.

"I do not think that you two are going to grow up. This type of behavior is not acceptable especially in front of maids. You guys deserve a punishment."

"But " both tried to interfere but one look from the father was enough for them to shut their mouths up.

"From tomorrow you guys are going to run for 10 kms. There would be people tracking you to see if you guys are doing your works properly. Also remember it has to be done before 6 strikes the wall. Because after that I have got other works for you to do. Also you cannot negotiate with this." his said in a tone as if he was not ready to hear another word from the 2.

Both of them glared at each other and got up to reach to their respective rooms . Lorenzo reaches the door and was about to open it when Alessandro said," Elizabeth stop! I need to talk to you. You go back Lorenzo and remember to close the door before leaving."






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