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The plan was discussed.

Everybody knew their roles really well. They knew what they had to do. It was not only a way to save their family, it was also a way to earn Elizabeth's forgiveness.

Xavier tried his best to merge up in the family in the mean time.

"How did you end up being so connected with my family so easily. It feels like a freaking burden to even get a reaction out of these guys." Xavier said to Elizabeth seeing their bored reactions to his talks.

He knew that while the time her family works on earning her forgiveness, he had to spend his time to merge in her family.

"Well, not everybody has a good face and charisma as me. I mean your face looks like a duck face." Elizabeth said flipping her hair.

Xavier raised an eyebrow.

"Well, bad luck then, you are stuck with this duck face for the entire life." Xavier said embracing Elizabeth in his arms.

"Hey! What are you guys doing?" Lorenzo said jumping in between them out of nowhere.

Xavier closed his eyes in frustration. Whenever he tries to get close to Elizabeth, some or the other brother of hers pops in between them.

Edwin was still in the Miller house. He had not left. Elizabeth forced him to stay.

"Tell me guys! What were you doing before I come here." Lorenzo asked as he threw his arm around Elizabeth and stood beside her.

Elizabeth raised an eye at his behavior.

"What" he asked seeing her looking at him with suspicious gaze.

"Exactly that is what I was about to ask you. What do you think you are doing." Elizabeth asked him in response of which he just shrugged his shoulders as if he did not care about anything.

"You said that you are planning on giving us a chance. So I am just grabbing onto it." Lorenzo said.

"As for now, you are grabbing onto my shoulder a little too tightly for my liking. So I would really appreciate it if you remove your hand from my shoulder." Elizabeth said to him in a sassy tone.

"Ohh, I do not have any problem with it. You can relax." he said to her unbothered.

Elizabeth closed her eyes in frustration and when she opened them back, she looked straight at Lorenzo who by now understood that he had dug his own grave by poking her.

"I..... I would leave." he said in a breath and ran with all his might.

Elizabeth without waiting for a second ran behind him to chase him.

Lorenzo ran near Alexander who quickly shifted aside clearly siding by his sister.

"Traitor" Lorenzo screamed at him and hid behind Rebecca who was flabbergasted seeing him use her like a shield.

"Get aside Rebecca. I will kill this man right here." Elizabeth screamed and Lorenzo ran from there as well to hide from Elizabeth.

"I am sorry. Leave me. Mom! Look at this little monster. She is going to bite me." and with those words, everything seemed to stop.

Elizabeth stopped running and as soon as Lorenzo realized what he said, he too stopped running as he was unwantedly pushed down the memory lane.

The happy atmosphere suddenly changed and everything suddenly came to a halt.

Everybody shifted back in the memories of the time when Elizabeth used to run after Lorenzo in the same way after he touched her stuff and he would run to escape from her in the entire house.

He would hide after his mother to escape from her who was still a child at that time and was teething so she would bite him really hard.

"My babies." Rosaline went and hugged Elizabeth and gave one of her hand to Lorenzo who hesitantly joined the hug.

Everyone was seeing it. All the siblings wanted to have their own time there. Everybody was guilty and they knew it.

Rosaline saw their faces. She could see how they had a glimpse of hope in their eyes. A hope of reconcilement with their loved ones.

A hope that maybe, they could be a family once again. Though not a perfect family. But still, a family.

She saw that Elizabeth did not move as Lorenzo tightened his arms around his mother and sister.

She extended her hands to her other kids as well and slowly, everybody joined in.

Alexander being the tallest amongst all wrapped his arms around and it covered almost everyone in it.

7 of them, wrapped as if they were in a cocoon looked way to perfect for someone to watch.

Rebecca was also standing there, watching everything as tears pooled in her eyes. Had she not done the deed years ago, even she would have been a part of this family.

Maybe, she could have devised a better way to deal with the situation. But she was herself a kid that time and she just wanted her mother with her.

She did what she felt could be done. But the man refused to return her mother to her and continued to torture her mentally.

So, she dropped the hints so that the family could find out that it was not Elizabeth who did everything, it was her.

However, she never came forward and told them directly that she did it.

Xavier was also standing in a corner as a small smile adorned his face seeing his wife happy. He knew she was. He just knew it.

Although, she would not say a single word, he knew she felt content, finally in the arms of the people who were her home.

Her actual home. 

They were family and they were apologetic about what they had done. She did want to give them another chance.

Alessandro cleared his throat as all of them turned to him at once. 

He awkwardly spoke, " I think, I am the only one who is left to join the family hug. So I would just join in uninvited." he said and joined them as they all chuckled at once.

"Long time family" He spoke and wrapped them all in a warm and long hug.




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