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Mysterious Seduction (Everard Family #8) by greenwriter
Mysterious Seduction (Everard J.D. Ruiz
SHE IS CONFLICTED... Emma Everard has said yes to marrying Samuel Theobald, a dear friend of hers. Emma cannot find a single fault in her decision, but she also has tro...
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What's Real [EDITING] by iWriteThicklits
What's Real [EDITING]by OG Thickie 🤪
Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved CURRENTLY EDITING Warning: This material contains content not suitable for all audiences. Simbi and Kadeem both come from two differ...
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The Lycan's Mate by WhiteTailed
The Lycan's Mateby WhiteTailed
R E W R I T T E N [ S L O W U P D A T E ] As a child who grew up with a perfectionist mother, Carrie finds it hard to deal with her own life and couldn't decide which p...
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Don't dream It, Be it. A random book by averagezeldagamer
Don't dream It, Be it. A random Dead-ish Account
Well here we are again, back for round two. And this time I don't have my memes in a twist! I've done a lot God knows I've tried To find the truth I've even lied But a...
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Alpha & Omega ~ Jikook by MarshmalloDepression
Alpha & Omega ~ Jikookby MMSDMLW💜
Jungkook's family were the only family in Korea to openly admit that they have an Omega child. This made them famous; and their son the most desirable wolf in Korea. Wha...
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Accidentally Married To The Mafia Boss by Elena_hz
Accidentally Married To The Elena_hz
A night of fun. Life time of love. Anallisa is a young girl who just wanted to go out and have fun but she ended up making her life a mess. Good thing she doesn't give...
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Dil Mein Hulchul by Dragon_Angel_6712
Dil Mein Hulchulby Dragon Angel
This work of DA is purely an adaptation/copy (😂) of 2004's bollywood movie "Hulchul". This is also a gift to her, who is, Akshita (a beloved author of many) J...
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Please, I do not want a heart by violetdepravity
Please, I do not want a heartby ria amer victoria
Eillie died and she finally met God. God told her she will be reincarnated and asked her who she wants to be. Ellie asked God, "please, I do not want a heart"
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Tales of the Tug Fork Valley (Hatfields & McCoys) by MountainWriter
Tales of the Tug Fork Valley ( Mountain Writer
Basically a bunch of one-shots centered around Tolbert and Bud. ! MOST EVENTS ARE FICTITIOUS ! ! NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE WITH MOST THINGS ! I did create a birthday...
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BLOODS FEUD (AMBW) by luthernovels
BLOODS FEUD (AMBW)by ≪ J Luther ≫
❝If you don't have the balls to blow her brains out, then I'll do it myself. ❞ Rival gang families fight for generations to be the best, to be on top of the food chain e...
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My Good Luck Charm by Nesh_Dladla
My Good Luck Charmby Nomfundo Duma
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So...You Had Another One by toounrealtobelegal
So...You Had Another Oneby lady kiki
"Set, the camera straight." "I'm trying, but it's not working." "Have you tried pressing all the buttons?" "Shut it you two, I think s...
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To Sow In Blood: A Hatfields and McCoys Fanfiction by Andreth88
To Sow In Blood: A Hatfields and Andreth Leigh
The sequel to "The Tie that Binds". When Nancy McCoy dies, she leaves a bloody legacy to her two daughters. Born of different fathers, devilish Linet and enigm...
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dr.phil xxx steve Harvey  by Moomoobuskns
dr.phil xxx steve Harvey by Moomoo Buskins
it was a cold late night in the studio. dr phil and steve Harvey were trapped with no source of warmth besides their naked bodies.
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Forbidden by RacheEvans
Forbiddenby Rache Evans
Forbidden is a romance novel about two witches who fall madly in love with one another, but there's just one problem, their families hate one another. Amelia Ravenscroft...
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Not Her Romeo by starsprinkled
Not Her Romeoby serena!
He wasn't her Romeo, and she wasn't his Juliette. Yet, somehow, they were destined to cross paths. - For centuries the Heartfelt family and the Blackstone family have b...
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The Lost Treasure of Lorne by JudeKnight
The Lost Treasure of Lorneby Jude Knight
For nearly 300 years, the Normingtons and the Lorimers have feuded, since a love affair ended in a curse that doomed dead Lorimers to haunt their home, the Castle of Lor...
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Shrek becomes Jesus Christ himself  by waluigi_our_god666
Shrek becomes Jesus Christ himself by joe mama
Shrek watches 5 minute crafts and wants to die
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With Me by flicbenn
With Meby Felicity Bennett
Ava is looking for extra money to become an actress this is where she meets a couple looking for a surrogate. She agrees the deal before she meets and falls for the othe...
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Reincarnated As A Villainess and Actually Like It (Stopped) by LAmerica06
Reincarnated As A Villainess and LAmerica
The girl's luck is exceedingly good but she finally runs dry as she died after being killed in a new year's eve by a stray bullet. She reincarnated in the past where tel...
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