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"Elizabeth, I would leave for now. I have a very important work. I would come here with my stuff soon." Xavier informed Elizabeth about her plans.

"Till then, you can work upon the deal you are going to do with the Shekhawats." he asked her so that she could withdraw her mind off all this tension and focus on her work, which she had been neglecting since quite a while now.

"Okk." she said and he leaned closer to her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

All the spectators were watching the scene with an utmost curiosity.

"Let's go guys." Xavier said to his family members and they nodded their head.

Adrianna turned towards Rosaline and took her in a pleasant hug and whispered," Please take care of my daughter."

"Do not worry." she smiled at her.

Xavier hugged Elizabeth and kissed her on the lips.

The millers were literally ready to pounce upon Xavier for the stunt he just played. However, they somehow controlled themselves as they knew that one wrong mistake and they would loose Elizabeth again.

The Giovanni's moved out of the house. 

Now, only the Millers were left inside. The atmosphere of the place started turning heavy.

Everyone knew what was going to happen next. The Millers were going to burst their bucket of questions on top of Elizabeth's head and she had to answer them because she knew that not just the rest, even Antonio was angry with her and she could not bear to see her elder brother upset.

"What is all this." Alessandro spoke after a long pregnant pause.

Elizabeth did not reply for a moment and then took a long sigh and began to answer.

"I think we had a long discussion about this just some moments back." she said even though she did not want to explain herself.

After all, she was not really a a part of this family.

Not after they threw her out.

"You......" before Alessandro could continue, the door of the hall opened again and in came Rebecca.

"What happened guys. I just saw those people moving out. Is everything fine." she asked in an unsure voice.

She did not know if she had the right to ask all this after what she had done.

However, she could not control her curiosity. After all, this was about Elizabeth.

"You stay out of it. It has all happened because of you." Lorenzo shouted making Rebecca look down and regret what she did years ago.

However, she did not have an option. But she could not explain that to those people.

She was still their criminal and she deserved every rude comment they passed on her.

"Sorry" she muttered under her breath and moved to one side shifting the focus solely on Elizabeth who awaited the upcoming drama.

"So, Elizabeth answer the questions." Alessandro said again.

"What questions?" Elizabeth asked frustrated. She was genuinely tired of all the bullshit these people were throwing her way. And she had started to get annoyed with all this now.

"You guys were not staying with me . And how do you guys expect me to tell you everything after all that you have done with me. DO not try to act as if all id fine between us when it is clearly not." Elizabeth said getting frustrated with all the question answer round they were playing, investigating her like she was a criminal and they were the police.

Alexander who was getting all angry till now kind of got the point and even understood that getting angry on Elizabeth would not yield them a solution. 

Instead, they had to change their approach and ask her very politely what they could do that she stays with them.

"Elizabeth. Please Don't get hyper. And dad, calm down she has already told us what had happened. " Alexander said trying to calm down the upcoming storm.

"Doll." he called the nickname he used to call her in childhood because she had those big black eyes and looked exactly like a sweet doll.

Elizabeth's eyes teared up listening to that word after years.

How she had wished that Alexander would have come to her that day in the same way and comforted her just like he was doing now.

But things have gone too far now and nothing could be done about it.

"Please understand our emotions. You are the youngest amongst us. None of us are married including me. How do you expect us to believe that guy who is popping out of nowhere claiming to be your husband." Alexander continued .

"Our little princess, my doll is all married. You have grown up so much. I am very very sorry baby. You brother failed. He failed to understand you that day." Alexander said saying the words he did not get a chance to say from the day she had come here to live even though he wanted to.

Elizabeth who was sitting blankly till now wanted to cry out loudly.

She really really wanted to forget everything and just hug him and say that everything was fine now , once they have reunited.

But her self conscience and ego did not let her say a word. Not even one.

However, as it is rightly said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, it could be clearly seen from Elizabeth's eyes how sad she was.

It pained to see that the brother she had loved so much was standing in front of her with his head knelt down.

The man who does not bow to anyone finally bowed down to this sister of his.

He knelt down, and caught hold of Elizabeth's hands.

"Please doll, forgive this brother of yours. I am ready to do anything you want me to."

Elizabeth who was all quiet till now finally spoke that one word.









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