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"Well I

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"Well I ...... I am really sorry Elizabeth. I know that you are very angry on me as I did not believe you at that time. I am really very guilty about the fact that you had to go through all these things. I was not able to understand anything seeing Rosaline lying there with blood smeared all over her I was not able to think anything and after what Rebecca told me ohh god I don't know how to explain this to you but it just happened in the heat of the moment. I am very sorry about it.

Elizabeth could not help but give a sad smile. " Well you maybe worried about your wife's health but was it really important that you blame me about everything. Any sane person would think twice before saying such a big thing about a small child. You really thought that i would try to murder my own mother. It is really very pathetic of you to think anything like that about me. It just shows how much you really believed me when I was a kid. And for god sake stop putting the blame on Rebecca. She might have said that it was me who pushed mom but you were the one who believed her. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself to put the entire blame of the matter on her. I told you I did not do anything but still you choose you believe her. Don't you feel pathetic about your self. " Elizabeth blasted in anger and gave out all that had been in her minds since a lot of time. 

She will not accept a man who at the time of need choose to ignore the matter and blame entire thing on her and be ignorant of the fact that she pleaded him to believe her. But when she came out clean, he was there to not only apologize but put the entire blame on just one person when he himself was very much a part of it.

She is not a little girl anymore who would believe each and everything her father says to her. No she has her own mind, she will use it and then if in her heart , her father comes out clean then she would talk to him again.

Maybe she would have thought to give him a chance if he accepted that he was at fault but now that he is playing a blame game , she would not take such a bullshit. She is here for a very few time and she will make sure that she is comfortable here. She would just not won't someone to come and ruin her life. The perfect family she had found and strived to make and when she thought about the Giovanni's , her heart melted. She longed to see them and be with them. But this was not what she had signed up for.

She left the room. The conversation was over for her. She went ahead on the path of her room when she bumped into Antonio. He saw her red eyes and understood that something wrong had happened. She was not fine. Being her brother it was his responsibility to keep her happy and he took it upon himself to do it.

He looked at her and said," What is my favorite sister doing here" being dramatic.

"I am your only sister you dumbo." 

"well that you are . But for now i am hungry and need something to eat . Even the food you cooked has been spoiled so why don't we do one thing I will cook for you what say " he asked keeping his arm on her shoulder as both walked to the way of the kitchen.

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