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"Ohh well I see you people are spending your personal time over here . But Xavier, I heard you saying that you wanted to talk about work to Elizabeth. Is this the important work you were talking about." Noah said wiggling his eyebrows giving a two a faint smirk.

Xavier was sure that he would not be left off the teasing in the boy's group. His ears turned slightly red listening to Noah's teasing words. 

On the other hand Elizabeth just wanted to dig a hole and get into it. God this situation was so embarrassing for her. However, she did not lift her head and kept it downwards avoiding Noah's teasing gazes which were directed towards her and Xavier.

She did not want their whole family to know about it. They themselves were not confirmed what was going on between them but things were just going on at a very fast pace.

"Well brother, Asher and Edwin would be pretty excited to know about this now won't they." asked Noah looking towards Xavier waiting for his reply so he could say to his other brothers. They needed to know that their virgin brother was no longer going to be a virgin.

Ohh my god what have my poor virgin eyes seen. But whatever it is, it is going to be very useful in blackmailing my dear brother into getting things done my way." thought Noah thanking his stars for such a sight.

Had it been Asher who had seen it, Xavier would have made him shut his mouth but since it was Noah, everyone knew what a big mouth he was. It was very difficult to ask him to keep the things to himself.

Especially when it was related to Elizabeth. His whole family seemed to have fixed their gazes on his woman. But he won't let anybody snatch his girl from him.

Well but on the other hand, it is good only that Noah saw them kissing, now he would have one competition less to keep his girl to himself.

"Alright do not tell anyone about anything. I will do whatever you ask me to okk." Xavier proposed being unsure about his own statements but he knew he had to save his ass right now.

Asher getting to know about this meant his mom getting to know about it and he did not want that to happen. But little did he know that it already happened.

He was just a pawn in Adrianna's game and he did not even know about it. That was the power of Giovanni women. 

They did not need to use force to get the work done their ways. Their minds were enough to control everything.

"Alright brother ." said Noah and turned to leave but stopped in his path and turned to walk to them.

"Well I came here to ask you both to join us." 

"We are playing truth and dare." said Noah giving Xavier a challenging look to defy him. Well the power was in his hand today and he would make sure to use it to get his works done.

Alright we would join you soon. You go." replies Xavier waiting for a chance so that he could talk to Elizabeth. 

"No you guys are never going to come. You come with me right now or I am not leaving this place."

"Fine fine . Do not tell me that you are going to do something in there. You better not tell anyone about what you saw just now noah or else I would whip your ass."

Elizabeth's ears perked up at this statement.

"Would he spank my ass to if I behave like a dirty girl." she thought but soon shrugged her mind thinking how odd that sounded.

"Off course not. We are not going to that." or so she thought.

Noah did not listen another word from their mouth and dragged the two of them with him. 

But when they reached the place where it was decided that they would play, there was nobody except for Asher.

Noah looked around and asked," Where is everybody else."

"Edwin had some very important work so he left. Rest all also left due to some work."

"We have to postpone this game for some other time then." said Noah looking towards Xavier and Elizabeth.

Alright I would take my leave then." said Elizabeth turning towards Xavier.

Asher on orders of his mother said," Come I would drop you home Elizabeth."

"No need for that Asher. I brought my car along with." So I would just go in that." she said and Xavier was more than satisfied with her answer.


There was a new spread in the whole office that Ms. Natasha was going to visit Xavier today. Elizabeth did not know who this Natasha was so she did not pay much heed to it as well.

In came the lady Natasha wearing a very beautiful pink colored dress . She had her hair straight and was wearing high heels. She asked the receptionist if Xavier was free and on getting a positive reply from him got straight to his office.

Elizabeth was there in his office and was talking to him about the project.  They were discussing about something very important when Natasha barged inside the room and went straight to Xavier's chair and hug the hell out of him.

Xavier also on seeing who had came gave the person a nice tight hug. He held her up in the air and swirled her around.

She giggled on this act of his. The two were enjoying their reunion when someone was burning on the other side.

What was it that was burning . Maybe the windows needed to be opened otherwise there was a chance that people might choke on the smell.

Xavier brought Natasha down and held her tightly. Elizabeth was noticing this act of his but did not say anything. She knew what she had to do.

But she was noticing how this girl was sticking around to Xavier like a leech and Xavier was letting her do that.

But the next words that came out of the girl's mouth were enough to put Elizabeth's heart to an unknow pain. 

Was she doing right? was the only question she could ask herself.








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