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"What happened dad?" Alexander asked as he stepped inside the room. Xavier and Elizabeth were sitting at one side of the room where as Alessandro was walking around the room, anxiety and confusion clear on his face.

"Come inside everybody" Alessandro said without answering the question as Alexander became the first one to enter while all the others followed behind.

"Where is Rebecca?" Alessandro asked.

"She must be in Elizabeth's room. The bitch literally snatched it away from her." Ethan said growling.

"Why did she not come. I had called for a family meeting" Alessandro asked frowning.

"Exactly dad. You had called for a family meeting. She is not family." Alexander growled.

"Shut up and do as I say. Lorenzo! You go and call her over here." Alessandro said leaving no rooms for any fights left.

"But dad....." Lorenzo started.

"Just go. Do as I say" Alessandro commanded and Lorenzo left the room defeated.

Soon after. Lorenzo and Rebecca entered the room. Rebecca seemed pretty awkward.

"Rebecca, I had asked everyone to come for a family meeting, then why were you not here. And listen, I do not like it when someone waste's my time. So you better tell me fast." Alessandro questioned without letting anybody speak anything.

"Very sorry uncle. I thought you meant your family and I....... I mean I don't think that I am a part of it." Rebecca said, her gaze fixed at the ground as she knew that it had got awkward between them since they had got to know that it was Rebecca who had lied to them about Elizabeth pushing her mother down the stairs.

"You are right. But till the time you are in the house, you must attend the family meetings and must answered when called to. Got It??" Alessandro asked.

"Ya.... okk I will" she answered back.

"Guys! I know that I have called everyone on a very short notice and this is not what you were expecting it to be but I have something really important to share."

"Is everything alright dad. What is it? Is it something related to work?" Alexander asked coming forward as he was the eldest in the gang, so he had a natural feeling of being responsible of everything.

"Have a seat guys. This is going to be a really long chat." Alessandro said and they gestured Elizabeth and Xavier to tell everything to them.

Xavier, as soon as he got the message did what he had to, to keep his wife safe.

"Eldos is not a safe man. I hope you remember out of all Alexander. And he has spread his web around and is waiting for just one chance. As soon as he gets it, he would not leave Elizabeth. We need to plan something big to keep her safe." Xavier said as he completed telling everybody why he was actually insisting on staying there.

"So much has happened and I did not even have a clue about it. What kind of a brother am I?" Alexander said keeping his face in between his palms hiding it partially as he did not understand how to show his regret and disappointment.

"Mistakes happen Alexander. But I must tell you all one thing and that is that Elizabeth is not safe here as well. Eldos might have a clue that she is here and that is partially the reason even Rebecca is here." Xavier said as he shifted his eyes and focused it on the girl who was standing as if her crime was caught and that she could cry any moment.

"You have stayed quiet for enough time now Rebecca. It is time for you to speak. We know who you are. And why are you here. I just want you to spill the beans from your own mouth."

"I........ I am sorry, I did not want to do it. I used to love Elizabeth very much." Rebecca tried to explain but was rudely cut off by a screaming Lorenzo.

"Yaa and you decided to ruin the life of the girl you love. Right??" Lorenzo screamed on her.

"I had......... I had my reasons." Rebecca spoke again but it felt as if nobody was in a mood to listen to an explanation.

"Reasons?? Were they enough to ruin a girl's life?? She was your sister Rebecca. She was they one who loved you the most out of everybody standing here. And you decided to do this with her??" Antonio asked in a soft voice. 

Rebecca was his sister as well. But he had lost that feeling as soon as she had tricked the family into believing her lies. She had lost the respect in his eyes and he did not know if he could love her ever again.

"I am sorry" Rebecca said as tears formed in her eyes. She was also a victim of her own story. Just that nobody knew about it. Her life had been spoilt by the hands of her own father. Elizabeth had her family with her now, but she, she was all alone, fighting with her own demons, forced to hurt the people she loved just for one person.

"Why??" Alexander asked in a single word and she knew that it was time for her to reveal her part of the story and finally uplift the curtains from every truth.

"You all know that that person is my father." Rebecca started.

"But we were the one who raised you. He ran away. He was never here. Your mother and you were always here with us. Even after the death of your mother, you were staying with us, then why was he so important. Just because he was your biological father. Was I not enough. Did I not fulfil every wish that you put forward? Did I fail to act a father to both my daughters Rebecca?" Alessandro asked. He was heartbroken. The little girl he and his wife had loved so much was the one who had stabbed them in the back.

"You were our first daughter Rebecca. You were born after Alexander and Antonio. When you and you mother came to us, we accepted you whole heartedly then why did you chose to break the family. Why did you break our family. I loved you even when your mother died. We were happy my child." Alessandro said as small tears covered his eyes .

"My mother, my mother did not die. She is still alive. Breathing, Unhappy, but still breathing. Tortured but still alive. She did not die. For god's sake, she is not dead." Rebecca screamed as she broke into tears.

She slid to the ground and sobbed senselessly and let out the pain and grief that had surrounded her since years.

Pain of separation from her loved once.

"My father ran away leaving us. And that was when you guys gave me and my mother a home to stay. You considered us family despite the fact that my father tried to ruin your family. How could I not be thankful to you guys. But then he repeated what he did many years back to Alexander."

"What do you mean? Tell me everything in detail." Alessandro came forward and asked her.

"He has my mother in his captivation since years now. He has been torturing her for turning up to you for help when he left us. He says that you are the reason of his doom and he would make sure that he takes a revenge from you and that is the reason why he is doing all this to Elizabeth. He knew that she is your weak point and he has been attacking it since years now and I am just a pawn in his game. Nobody knows what he is actually planning." Rebecca finished explaining everything and everybody got lost in thinking had happened with them and what happened because of them.

Everyone was ashamed of themselves. They did not know how to express it.







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