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Lorenzo who was calm till now and had not uttered a word said something that lead each one of them to rethink about their words and their feelings.

"Well Elizabeth is 20 and she is a legal adult. She does have the authority to take her own decisions. Moreover she has the right to marry anyone she wants. " He took a pause and then continued speaking. "But then we are her family. I think we had the right to know that she got married."

Elizabeth clenched her fists listening to his statements but he was making sense. Honestly had there been a new addition in the family like any of his brothers had married somebody then she would have felt bad about not being included. It definitely would have pricked her that they did not even consider her important and even worth informing about their weddings.

But they were the once who had pushed her out of the family and they were the one who did not believe her. Now after all these things they wanted her to tell them each and every detail of her life. Moreover they must know that she did not plan to meet them any more.

Meeting these people again was not in her plan. She would have just chilled at her home with her family, those who really loved her, not her birth parents but her in laws.

Even her extended family back at her in laws place was great . She was excited to meet her brother in laws again. They gelled well completely and have pranked her husband so many times. Her heart swelled remembering about them. She remembered how happy they were when she and Xavier had married. They had decorated the whole house so nicely .

But when she came to this house all she was met with was Lorenzo talking shit about her. She could not help compare them. She could not help but think how better her brother in laws were as compared to her own brothers.

There were Antonio, Nathan and Ethan too at this side but she never felt that comfortable with the others in here as she felt back there when she was with those people. She just could not help herself.

"We are here to take our daughter in law back with us and we will take her . No further questions asked." She heard Leonardo speaking with a hint of finality in his tone.

Nobody really had had the guts to question the big boss himself. Elizabeth felt proud seeing him like that , so strong and so bold even in his old age. Well he was old just by age. At heart , he was still the one she would go to whenever she and Xavier had a fight or he would run around her to catch her for doing any mischief and she would hide behind her like a little girl every time.

But seems like it would take time for the people in here to understand their beautiful relationship. Yes , she shares an amazing bond with her husband's family or her very own family like the people of there say.

"And we do not know if you people are saying the truth or not so we are not going to send our daughter anywhere with you guys. You may be intruders that are just trying to claim that you guys are my daughter's in laws but that does not mean that I am going to believe you. You may belong to a very high profile family but how should I trust you with my daughter" said Alessandro as he was utterly angry and pissed off by the situation.

He could not and would not send his daughter anywhere and that was final.

"And moreover where is her so called husband. If he cares so much about her then he should also be here with you guys. Let alone coming here to pick her up, he did not even call her. Where is he ? Why is his family here to pick her up and what is he doing, banging other girls behind her back" said an extremely angry Alexander seeing the situation get out of his hands.

"What did you utter you prick?" came a growling sound that belonged to none other than Matteo.

Before he could say anything further, a loud roar was heard outside and the door of the hall opened with a bang. There was he standing, Xavier Giovanni, Elizabeth's husband.

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