Interruption Five: Friendship

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Friendship (n.): mutual respect, companionship

Dear Reader/Citizen of the World,

      That, above, is the literal definition of friendship according to The Dictionary Project, Inc.: A Student’s Dictionary. However, we all know that that is only part of it. The definition of friendship is a variable that no one can ever really define. Friendship is loving someone until they’re a part of your family. Friendship is never letting someone go. Friendship is letting that individual know—gently or jokingly—when they’re being selfish or naïve. Friendship is doing what’s best for someone. Friendship is being the reason why they don’t have food in their refrigerator. Friendship is leaving your cookies in the exact same spot they always are, even though they always steal at least one.

       But, above all, friendship is loving and caring for that one person with your entire life, being willing to die for them, being willing to do whatever it takes. Do you agree?

       I’m sure you think that I’m going to say something like how I admire One Direction’s loyalty to each other. And I do: the fact that they’re like brothers is amazing, endearing, and just…wonderful. Not all bands (may I point out the Bay City Rollers, who hated each other?) have that kind of bond. However, that’s not what I’m pointing out, though it is true. This time, I’m dealing with an argument that I’ve heard many a time, so this will be rather a short interruption.

       The fact of the matter is, whenever it’s pointed out that the boys have been driven to tears during a few hate phases (about three or four, if I recall correctly), I always ask, “Well, what would you tell your best friend to do?” Their answer?

       “Suck it up.”

      I only want to say two things: That is a terrible, terrible friend, and, if that’s your answer, then please see a psychiatrist, as there are legitimate psychological diseases that can cause that kind of a bad friend.

      Secondly, I would really prefer not to be friends with you.

      I’ll leave you with your thoughts in a moment, but I have one question for you to ponder. Would you really, seriously say that to your best friend when they’re crying from someone’s cruelty? Think about it.


Video: “To This Day Project.” This is a piece of original poetry—yes, poetry—performed and written by Shane Koyczan. It’s about bullying, which is truly what some are doing to these celebrities. And it’s likely that if they are doing it to stars, then they are doing it in real life. It’s worth it to watch, I promise. Just listen…and help.

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