A Note to the Fans

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My Dear Brothers/Sisters,

     Before I even begin, let me tell you that you are amazing. Not just because of our common interest, but because of our differences, our personalities, our appearances, everything. You are all beautiful, amazing people, and I know that you are kind and caring; deep down, you’re always that way.

      I found this little note shared on a Facebook page, and I thought it was brilliant. I wanted to share it with you:

     “Lately, our One Direction family has been drifting apart. Directioners have been receiving more hate, have become overly rude to outsiders and newbies, have been having more meaningless and sexual conversations aimed towards the boys, and have had less love towards each other and One Direction. We have been so obsessed with our own fandom drama that we do not even notice or care about how the boys are feeling. Niall has changed to fit society, Harry hates being most popular, Zayn is quieter, Liam is cursing, and Louis is more mature. Some of you have noticed, but you have done nothing to help it, because it is our fault. People have been sending more hate to their girlfriends, their hair, and even tattoos! We are here to support the boys in everything, and we are here to support and love each other, but now this group has turned into what people call “a crazy group of sexual, protective bitches.” We love all the boys and support their decisions. That’s why we are here. Let’s take a moment to think about this, change our ways, and go back to the first whole reason we were in this fandom. The boys.”

        The haters hurt, but fans hurt more. Imagine this: if someone you hated were to mock you, call you names, insult you, it would be painful, but you’d be more likely to brush it off and roll your eyes at them. However, if a friend said that, if a friend verified what the bullies were saying…that would be hell on Earth. Which do you think would hurt more?

       Because of us, Larry Stylinson has all but vanished from the face of the Earth. Because of us, the boys are terrified to merely hug each other in public for Twitter explosions. Because of us, they’re exhausted. Because of us, they have changed. Is it entirely our fault? No. Did the haters contribute immensely? Yes. But did we certainly help?

      Yup. Yes, we did.

       I love you all, but this fandom needs to take a breath and realize why we’re here. We’re here to provide support, not wish death upon their girlfriends, taunt their tattoo decisions, or question their friendships’ sincerity. I don’t care what you think when you’re by yourself; you can write all the fan fictions you want. That much, I don’t care about. You’re entitled to your own opinion…but you’re not entitled to torture others with it.

       Our boys need a break. They’re fatigued, they’re changing, they’re hurt…help them, guys. For the love of all that is alive, please help them. That’s all I ask.


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