The Claim ✔️ *Editing* by felisidy901
The Claim ✔️ *Editing*by Auni
Brinn has known Alpha Titus as a close family friend since she was ten years old. He was like a big brother to her. Right before her first shift, her parents decide to...
  • mate
  • wattyawards
  • romance
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A Billionaire's Desire (Completed) by HinaShahjehan
A Billionaire's Desire (Completed)by Hina Shahjehan
Salina is a young innocent English beauty. Demetrius POV: I had fallen for the innocent beauty but this angry blazing beauty enticed me.She looked ravishing. Her shynes...
  • jealousy
  • billionaire
  • british
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Dream On. (BoyxBoy) Book 2 by TheForeverKindaLove
Dream On. (BoyxBoy) Book 2by Tayah
With graduation around the corner, Ash is finding it hard to juggle his new life and keeping up his happy outlook. He also is being ignored by his boyfriend Jace without...
  • jace
  • bxb
  • macie
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The Caste Game | Boyxboy 18+ by LadyBL_Shane
The Caste Game | Boyxboy 18+by sarranghoe, oppa(i)
"Did I stutter? On. Your. Knees." A school for the criminally rebellious conducts a semestral "Caste Game"; where cards are hidden in the campus and...
  • gay
  • badboy
  • obsessed
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Rebellious Angel  by Angie8177
Rebellious Angel by Angie8177
It all began with a promise While his good friend lay in his arms dying, the last words that came from his lips were "Please find Brienna and take care of her.&quo...
  • rebelliousangel
  • medievil
  • romance
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Master by ashelyfab
Masterby Ashely Lopez
Everyone listens to him but her. Why? He wonders what is it about him that makes her rebell against him. When she refuses to take responsibility one night, he turns her...
  • surprises
  • rosslynch
  • raura
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Adopted By One Direction (Editing) by JHP-girl
Adopted By One Direction (Editing)by JHP-girl
Snow is a 14 year old girl who lived in the girls home for eight years since her whole family was murdered right in front of her. She tries to forget about her past by...
  • hurt
  • adopted
  • heartbreaking
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Bad Things by UnbrokenLolita
Bad Thingsby Cass.
Olivia Brookes is in her senior year of high school, she has ambitions and a quiet life until she meets Cameron Wilder, a rebellious bad boy with tattoos who owns a bar...
  • boy
  • bad
  • badass
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (A Spanking Story) by buttermilk23
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (A Krista
Cath is a rebellious 15-year-old girl who lives with her step-brother Dylan. Since her mom passed away and her step-dad gone missing, Dylan became Cath's guardian. Cath...
  • sister
  • wattys2015
  • girls
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No One Has To Know (My Bestfriend's Dad) by bandsvansraybans
No One Has To Know (My Bestfriend' S.S WHO CARES
"He has the most adorable eyes you could ever fall for and the cutest smile that takes your breath away. He has the ability to make you laugh every time he speaks a...
  • daddy
  • punk
  • father-daughter
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The Ceo And His P.A by Kawaii-KitKat
The Ceo And His P.Aby Skye
Allissa Garrison. Beautiful, smart , brave , and not afraid to speak her mind . She gets a job at McCain industries. She is Calebs' P.A. Caleb McCain. Playboy , mysterio...
  • control
  • rebellious
  • addicted
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Y&E CLUB ▹ A.F by sleepyggukie
Y&E CLUB ▹ A.Fby 💎
in which a group of rebellious students found their own school club where they watch their favourite tv shows, in order to not get expelled OPEN SLOTS | 8. STATUS | open.
  • students
  • lgbtq
  • rebellious
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The Alpha's Sarcastic Mate by itscool2000
The Alpha's Sarcastic Mateby lil-PoundCake
Rose. Ahhh Rose. She is gorgeous, but don't let her exterior fool you she is ferocious and wouldn't hesitate to claw your eyes out. She is full of sarcasm and loves to h...
  • rebellious
  • alpha
  • sarcastic
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The Queen Of Rebellion by Mila_Scott
The Queen Of Rebellionby Mila Scott
What is going to happen when a 17 year old girl who goes by the name Seraphina Williams, gets given the chance to leave prison and go to a normal high school and interac...
  • trouble
  • badgirl
  • rebellious
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Mr. Bad Boy & Miss. Rebellious by springbutterflytear
Mr. Bad Boy & Miss. Rebelliousby Butterfly
Moving to a new town is hard enough and starting a new school on top of that. The once popular cheerleader has to start all over again. Nathan Carter rules the school a...
  • badboy
  • highschool
  • newgirl
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New Girl by Tavsxstories
New Girlby tavs
When Montanna moves to another area in L.A with her dad and siblings she loves it there but she doesn't want to get to attached but she can't help it when she meets some...
  • rebel
  • badgirl
  • badboy
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Rebel by i-try-to-write
Rebelby :-) :-\ :-/ :-(
Ryder and Harley are both what you would call badass. Ryder Collins is your typical egotistical player who gets all the girls he wants where as Harley Rogers takes on th...
  • love
  • rebellion
  • badgirl
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Maxerica Rebellious. by Hhhhhh05
Maxerica Hhhhhh05
I am a total Maxerica shipper so read the whole thing before giving up one me. Queen Amberlys first miscarriage never happened. Leaving Maxon with an older brother to...
  • love
  • maxonislife
  • maxerica
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Badass Werewolf© by Sarahlc_1008
Badass Werewolf©by Sarahlc_1008
There is only one word to explain her. Badass. Carrie Lycon, isn't your average teenage school girl, she is a werewolf. She has been expelled from over five schools and...
  • romance
  • rejection
  • rebellious
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