Part Two: Them

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This is the same drill as last time: Ten reasons. :-) Feel free to skim or to completely read; but please, PLEASE watch the video at the side. Thank you.

Don't think or judge. Just listen.


1.      Their fearlessness. This one could be proven by many, many different small things, such as the fact that they held a koala in Australia or that they have to run through screaming hoards of fans every day, especially at Heathrow Airport, on arrival back in their home countries. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to holding wild animals, even if they’ve been kept in zoos their entire lives, and we all know how terrifying screaming teenaged girls—and boys, if we’re being completely honest—can be. However, that is not the main reason for this. No, there are two, and they both have to do with one thing: they put themselves out there. Fearlessness isn’t the complete absence of fear; it’s doing something even though you’re scared. The main piece of proof: they auditioned for The X Factor. That’s putting yourself out for judgment on your own singing, in front of millions of people, either watching at home or visibly at the show. Not many people can do that, despite the thousands that audition every year. There are only two ways that audition can turn out: either a bragging-worthy success, or a tearful embarrassment. Setting yourself up for something like that—which Liam did twice, mind you—is hard. Nerves are sky-high, and, yes, they’re all scared. I know for a fact that all five of the boys were extremely nervous the day of their auditions, and, when they first got cut, heart-broken. (Luckily, they were brought back and put in a band…I think you know what happened from there. ;-)) However, they still put themselves out there, and that is true fearlessness, one that I wish I could possess all of the time. And they still continue doing it every day: putting their voices out there via interviews, live TV, and concerts. I’m not quite sure if I’d be able to do that, and I admire them for it, as I know many others do.

2.      Their loyalty. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Niall have said many, many times that they would never go solo. It’s either “the five of us or the none of us,” as they agreed on Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Interesting People. I honestly find hundreds of quotes from them related simply to each other. They’re the closest of friends; in fact, Zayn said that they constantly text each other when they’re not around. If that’s not a band of brothers, then I don’t know what it is. A lot of people don’t have that loyalty among their friends, sadly, so I love it. It adds to their appeal. And, also, it’s good to know: an attack on one is an attack on all five, people.

3.      Their kindness. The boys have been publicly known to be extremely kind individuals. In fact, the entire reason they met Queen Elizabeth II was for raising money for leukemia research. Liam shaved his head for his ex-girlfriend—who died of cancer—and in support of the disease, to show people with it that they’re amazing. Louis sold one of his favorite footballs—if I got the object right—to benefit research, as well. They perform at hospitals for the children—generally without charge, unless Management forces the hospital to pay up, as it’s not the band’s choice—and meet with them for hours at a time. However, their kindness isn’t just proven by the charity. They’re also extremely nice to their fans. Now, you could argue that that’s because they “pay them money” and “chuck their bras at them,” but—I apologize—it’s not. If that were it, then Zayn and Harry wouldn’t have stopped a security guard from taking a crying girl out of the line. If that were all, then Liam and Louis wouldn’t have helped a girl who had fainted from heat and excitement. If that were all, then Niall wouldn’t have kissed the scars on a fan’s wrist and told her not to do that again, since she’s beautiful. If that were all, then they wouldn’t be constantly responding to us on Twitter, doing Twitcams, complimenting us, crying over the fact that some of us have been cutting, assuring us that we’re beautiful…they wouldn’t be doing that just for the money. So stop being nitpicky, and simply look. You’ll see it, I promise.

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