Part Five: Him, Version Flirty

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I feel as if I should be repeating this every section, so I will. Once again, I ask you to put aside all petty thoughts and just listen. Please. Thank you for doing that. You're all wonderful. Just listen. <3


·         Him, Version Flirty

“One was raised by his single mother, went through a fairly difficult move, worked in a small shop for his keep, wasn’t a hugely popular person in his high school, made a name for himself in his hometown, took a colossal leap of chance into the world, went through an icy, unkind rejection from his friends, and is repeatedly accused of being a ‘manwhore’ a ‘flirt,’ and a ‘player,’ not to mention the rumor mill being completely spastic every two seconds over this or that…yet he still accomplished his dream.

 Yet he still finds reason to smile.”

Harry Edward Styles is known for three things: his curly hair, his dimpled smile, and his status as a flirt. Now, obviously, I can’t deny the first two: He does have enviable, nearly black curly hair, and he does have an enchanting smile that contains childishly adorable dimples. However, I can refute the last part with a certainty, a positivity that many have. Unfortunately, majority doesn’t always rule; unfortunately, rumors do quite frequently.

            But I’m getting ahead of myself…after all, you should know a bit about him first. I don’t claim to know everything, as that’s creepy, nor do I know everything about his band mates. I do, however, know what he’s shared with us.

            Harry was born on February 1, 1994, in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, to Anne Cox and Des Styles; he has an older sister that he’s close to, as well, named Gemma. He already had the charismatic, personable personality when he was younger: his mother said that he always “loved attention and loved to make people laugh. He’s…never been shy about himself;” his father simply recalls when Harry was nine, and already teenaged girls were flocking to him and cooing over his charm and wondrous demeanor. Already, at that young, he had a fervent personality that drew people to him, moths to a flame, both males and females alike: he was—and is—a great friend and an honest charmer.

            That’s why his father is still troubled by the memory of having to tell his children, Harry at seven years old and his sister a bit older, that he and their mother were splitting up: a decision that, Des validates, took them a while to truly make, since things “hadn’t been good for a while.” At that time, when Des and Anne sat their children down to make the announcement, the boy who had never been a crybaby, never been overemotional, cried. That day, Harry Styles cried: a point, well made, that proves that he feels, that celebrities have emotions, too.

            Harry and Gemma stayed with their mother—who remarried when he was around twelve—up until adulthood, where they are now; Des tried to visit them every few weeks.

            At that point was when Harry turned wholly to music; it’s in times of distraught and strain that musicians do come fully into their domain. He practiced on a karaoke machine his grandfather had purchased for him, and he performed in school productions. In fact, Harry has said, “The first time I sang in a production, I got a rush that was something I really enjoyed and I wanted to do more of.” And that he did.

            As he grew older, Harry made oodles—yup, I used that word—of friends, due to his kind and charismatic personality. And, in actuality, he didn’t have that many girlfriends: to some, for various reasons, that would be surprising, but I’ve only had confirmation of three, if I remember correctly. I know people in my school that have had three in six months. Anyway, many of those friends were also huge music addicts as Harry was and still is: in Year Eight, one of his mates decided to enter Battle of the Bands…and he needed a few friends to join. Harry was one of them, linking in as the lead vocalist. They practiced vigorously up until the day of—wonderful work ethic being installed, there—and, to their surprise, they won, after performing “Summer of ‘69” and “Be My Girl.” White Eskimo, as they called themselves, was on their way to being noticed.

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