Letter Number Three: Dear Adorable One

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Dear Niall,

       How do I even begin? It took me nearly four tries to get Liam’s even remotely “alright”…so how in heck do I write a letter to you? It’s a little intimidating: after all, you’re kind, funny, a talented musician, an extrovert, and another of my five biggest inspirations. You can see why I have a bit of trepidation, right? It isn’t due to the fact that I’m scared of you—through everything I’ve seen, heard, or read, you seem like the kind of person I’d love to be friends with—or anything in that aspect of thinking. It’s more of an anxiety, a wish to properly convey to you my precise thoughts, a worry that I’ll terrify you (and the other four boys) with my forward way of speaking. I can assure that I am nowhere near this confident when not in writing.

       But this isn’t about me or my own self-esteem. It’s about you, Niall Horan, and how wonderful you are.

        The first thing anyone notices about you—regardless of gender, age, and everything in between—is your attitude. You’re such an optimist, Nialler, with a wide-toothed grin that could cheer anyone’s day. You’re the first to laugh at a joke, a bright, resonant laughter that causes a smile to alight the lips around you. You simply have a contagious grin: one of those smiles that are addictive and jovial, lively and vivacious, one that lights up the room. The way you’re constantly grinning, guffawing, or skipping (sometimes literally) around the room in a joyous stupor is so endearing. Even the haters can’t help but grin…that, my friend, I promise you. Perhaps that is why they fake hatred, because they would prefer to wallow in their own misery rather than smile; they’re jealous of your carefree optimism. Obviously, I don’t know that for sure, but it’s a safe bet. :-)

        Every word that exits your mouth is hopeful, encouraging, positive. Regardless of what you’re talking about, you have this amazing ability to retain the “glass half full” outlook on life. When you were talking about the African children you met, you kept a sanguine attitude, focusing on how much better their lives could be. It was hopeful, not dismal. When you discuss the pitfalls of fame with the press—how’s the jet lag? Is it getting better? Hellish, isn’t it?—you somehow are confident that everything will get better: waiting for the right girl, rarely seeing your family, the cruelty cast at you by far too many every day…with all of this barraging you on a daily basis, how is it that you can retain such a healthy optimism? Such a zest for this life, for those around you, that never seems to deplete? I’m not a pessimist, but how? I’m at a loss for words. It was the first thing I noticed about you, Niall: your smile, your hopefulness, your buoyant demeanor and cheerful personality. I still can’t decipher how you remain that way, even after everything that the five of you have been through.

       Even so, that isn’t the only thing about you that is so utterly admirable and fantastic, Niall. The second thing I noticed about you—after I looked up One Direction on the internet—was your voice. Niall…in case you’ve failed to notice, your voice is intrinsically beautiful. I’ve heard it described as an “Irish wonderland that takes you to a much newer world than Aladdin.” A bit of a strange way to phrase it—Disney power!—but I’d have to agree. You have such a confident way of singing, Niall, and it comes out in your voice. It’s clear and full, always forte, yet somehow gentle and caressing simultaneously. How in the world you manage to accomplish that every time you open your mouth, I have no inkling of a clue. You have above-par diction, as well: that could be aided in part by your Irish upbringing, but I think you know that you’re doing it. ;-) You’ve started putting a slight waver in your voice (vibrato? Are you adding vibrato, my friend?) recently, too, and that’s made me quite excited. In addition to all of that, you have beautiful emotion. A good singer cannot exist without proper love and commitment to their art; it’s something that you definitely have. I can easily see your love for music: that’s admirable, and I love that about you.            

      But let’s not get me started on your guitar and songwriting skills…I have time limits in this letter, gosh dang it. Let this suffice: I wish I possessed those two abilities. I can play the flute, and I can find Middle C on a piano…that’s about the extent of my instrumental capabilities. I can compose lyrics, not music. Just stop being so talented, Niall, just stop. :-)

       Oh, and those people that tell you you’re not talented enough for the band? That’s crap: it’s jealousy talking. People not letting you sing? I’m assuming that’s jealousy and fear of intimidation, as well. I promise.

          But my God, Nialler…on top of all of that, you have so many qualities about you that I admire. I’ve only named two: your optimism and your musicianship. There are so many others—innumerable—that I could name. For example: your confident, your perseverance, your heart, your soft side, your loyalty and devotion to friends, family, and fans, your “innocence,” your theatrical half, your addiction to food (at least it’s not drugs or alcohol, right? ;-))…there are too many to fit into one letter. I know for a fact that there is a 99.99% chance of me never meeting you, never seeing you when it’s not from the distance of a concert, so you may never know those others. Just know that I love you (platonically, I promise; again, I haven’t ever hurt myself by imagining such a ridiculous aspect) and admire you: I look up to you. And it has never, ever been from your looks. If that sounds offensive, then rest assured that I find all of you attractive people, inside and out. I’ll admit that.

     Ignore those haters, Niall. They’re jealous and petty, or they’ve have a bad day and needed to vent in an unhealthy way. What goes around comes around, and they shall receive their dues from karma eventually. Let them push you onward, and retain that beautiful sense of optimism, curiosity, wonder, and talent. Listen to the people who love you, stick close to your best friends and family, and they will steer you in the right direction.

     Thank you so, so much, Niall. For being one to make me laugh, for being one to give me a metaphorical hug, for pulling me out of a ten-year slump…for stopping me, and so many others, from committing the worst crime against yourself. My story may not be as bad as others, but thank you. For the love of all that’s good, thank you.

     Oh, and Niall? You’ll find the perfect one for you: it’s inevitable.

     Enjoy the ride, keep performing, and keep that amazing head held high. ♥



Dear Niall,

It brings me to tears sometimes knowing that I have slim chance of ever meeting you, let alone dating you. But at the same time I feel thankful just to know you. You are so care-free and love to be yourself which seems to be such a rare quality in the people today. I know I'm a victim of trying to fit in and be someone I'm not, but getting to read articles about you being yourself brought a light to me eyes. I don't need to be someone I'm not to be loved by others. I have friends and family who love me, and I don't need anything but that to get me through life. Everyone knows I have very special place for you in my heart, but I don't think they understand completely. I love you because your insecure at times, but didn't let that define who you are. Haters made jokes and horrible comments about you, but you still acted like your funny, adorable, and wild self. I love you because of how much you don't give *beep* about what others made you out to be. You are you and only you can change that. I love you because no matter what happens in the end you will always love your fans, the boys, and your family no matter what. You have so much love to give, you just give it all to us haha. You even care more for the people around you then you do for yourself. You have the best qualities a person can have, and even then you understand you aren't perfect. I mean none of us are, right? You love to have a laugh and be yourself which is why I admire and love you so, so much. I'm incredibly glad and proud to know, even if it isn't personally, and I hope that one day we may meet so I can hug you and thank you for for being you. Love you, Niall. Now and forever. <3333

~CeCi (_awkwardness)~

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