*A Word from the Male Fans*

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Dear Reader/Citizen of the World,

       I don’t believe this needs much of an introduction. These are three small excerpts from groups of male Directioners. Two of the groups are straight; the others are bisexual; but I don’t understand why that makes a difference. All of these are anonymous, or the names have been changed, I believe. Enjoy! :-)

            ~ “Well,

Josh mainly has a group of friends which actually, is a group of five boys including himself. They've noticed that many girls love One Direction so for fun, at one of the dances, they began singing along to the song loudly and everyone just watched as they attempted to do the inbetweeners dance but failed epically. Basically, it started out as them just being funny and playing and messing around to make everyone laugh but then, they began listening to the music and all these five boys started memorizing the music and they began to like One Direction.

Josh, being my main friend from the group of boys as I've known him since kinder garden, told me all about it, even though I had seen him ranting off with the funny dances and song lyrics and knowing the boys names and which is which and what they like and wear and all that jazz.

Just last week, I was talking to the whole group of boys alone, and I was discussing them taking a liking to the perfect boyband, also known as One Direction. They explained to me that these lads seem to make girls really happy, and that they're funny and charming and that if these boys make girls happy, they want to make girls happy to. They want to be more like these boys.

These beautiful boys of One Direction.

They also said that they really liked the music and thought it was catchy and nice to hear and sing. But mainly, they like making people happy..One Direction makes many people happy...so they want to be like One Direction.” ~From PrincessPlaid

            ~ “I love them because they're them. They're not like other boy bands that are stuck up and just plain mean. But yeah. They're them. And the way they sing? It's awesome. I mean, it really is relatable some times. And they've got that whole fresh look. I'm glad to be a part of the Directioner fandom. I'm not gay, but... you know, I'm not afraid to say that I love One Direction!" ~From xImperfectlyPerfect

            ~ “Stef loves that they’re their own people, and how down to earth they are. Kale loves the soothing and healing powers of their voices and, of course, their sheer smexiness. XD” ~From stefanbane

I don’t understand why gender makes a difference in what music you like. From my perspective—and, yes, I’m a girl—I hate it when guys lie about what kind of stuff they like, what they’re into. If you like Big Time Rush instead of Green Day, tell me. Liars make the worst kind of friends, I can promise you that.

            Also, if you’re a single guy, I can also promise you that they’re surrounded by beautiful, kind girls all the time: male Directioners, I mean.

            I hope you enjoyed. :-)


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