Interruption Four: Red Nose Day

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Dear Reader/Citizen of the World,

      If you haven’t any inkling of what Red Nose Day is, then you clearly either A) aren’t associated with the United Kingdom is any way, or B) have been living under a rock. Truthfully, only heard about the organization about a year-and-a-half ago, but I never really knew what it was: I just heard the name. It made me curious, but I never truly looked it up.

       Red Nose Day is a UK based charity organization, dedicated to aiding those stricken with poverty in the UK, as well as protecting those who have suffered from domestic violence, and to those in Africa, providing immunizations and medicines for malaria and providing fresh water to villages that badly need it. It was established twenty years ago, and has been going strong since.

        However, those who founded Red Nose Day had a different idea: in 1993, the media was still growing to immense proportions. RND decided to use that to their advantage, also taking into account the impact celebrities have on the general public. From then on ‘til today, celebrities have been the ones aiding the Day, fundraising, and getting the word out, while the chairmen help organize, run the organization, and deliver to the innocent human beings in need. It can’t just be any celebrity, though: not only do those stars need to volunteer, but they also have to be approved by the board of Red Nose Day.

         This year—2013—those celebrities consist of comedians (Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr, Russell Brand, Rowan Atkinson…those are a few everyone should know) for BBC’s Comic Relief to support RND, television stars (Call the Midwife is the most notable), to support the event, a few to compete in challenges (Jessie J, Miss Miranda), and, as there is every year, a singer or band to record the Red Nose Day Single. This year, the band that both volunteered and was chosen was One Direction, singing a cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” combined with “Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones.

      That is a huge honor in itself, to be chosen to record this year’s musical single. One Direction did a fantastic job with it, as well: the vocals were strong, with each voice standing out yet flowing with the others; the song just makes you want to get up and dance spastically around the room. But I’m not here to judge the song itself: instead, I want to inform you about what they did, hopefully without sounding like a professional lecturer.

      Without telling any press, without letting any papers/tabloids/magazines know, the five boys went to Ghana to visit the children in desperate need for medication. They brought with them donations of their own, and they simply stuck around to make the children happy. They sang with them, played with them, talked to them…they made sure that those kids—who don’t have a very fortunate life, like many of us do—were happy. That, I believe, is the best way to help. Not just money and medication, but truly getting to know the people who receive the aid, actually shaking their hand and having fun with them, getting them to smile.

      Those same kids were in 1D’s homemade music video. In order to save money to donate to Ghana, the boys decided to make their own music video, and donate the leftover money to RND. They filmed in both England and Ghana, and many of the children they met were included in the video: they were of all ages and genders, as well: males and females from toddler to teenager were in it, dancing or just goofing around. Isn’t that truly what childhood is about? Having fun, laughing, just being a kid…these children don’t get that very often, constantly worrying about the state of their family’s health or their own, and where their next glass of water will come from. They need some happiness.

       And, trust me, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan brought that to them. If you don’t believe me, feel free to look up photos and videos. They’ll prove what words from my mouth evidently cannot.

        Oh, and, by the way, this was in no way for press attention. As I mentioned before, the press were never informed of this. The only indication that was given were the boys’ tweets, announcing the day “inspirational” and the “best one of my life.” No one knew that they had gone to Ghana; not many celebrities go silently like that. Those, my friend, are great people right there.

       To the side is not the music video, but the video they made for Red Nose Day to get out the word. I can’t donate a few pounds, as I’m an American, but if you’re a Brit, then feel free to donate. For your countrymen and fellow human beings. Or, if not for them, for your favorite celebrity that supports the day. In 2013, it’s March 15. Don’t disgrace what One Direction, Jessie J, Alan Carr, and Call the Midwife have done: support it. Thank you.


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