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When it's Over #Wattys2016 by SarahLWhite
When it's Over #Wattys2016by Sarah White
Imagine sitting down to write an email to an old woman in charge of an advice column when you need the answer to a very important question. What if just one typo sent yo...
Test Love 1, 2 Y 3 by ssianne
Test Love 1, 2 Y 3by ssianne
Del universo de love by chance. Voy a aclarar que la traducción la voy a hacer porque realmente tenía muchísimas ganas de saber la historia de los amigos de Ae. La tra...
Seven Letter Words #Wattys2016 by SarahLWhite
Seven Letter Words #Wattys2016by Sarah White
Liam Smith is in Texas for the funeral of a fallen comrade. He proudly serves his country and would do anything for a fellow Marine. What he doesn't expect is the beauti...
Dear Diary, Kth*Jjk by KookieAlien20
Dear Diary, Kth*Jjkby KookieAlien20
where Taehyung found a Small Diary under The Bed of His Fiancèe, Jungkook. Taehyung and Jungkook were in a Arranged Marriage and when Taehyung doesn't like the Idea, he...
Gaining Luck by a_trent
Gaining Luckby A. Trent
Kate Mullin is not your regular type of teen drama queen, even though God knows she has a hell of a lot reasons to be so. Lucas Carter on the other hand is exactly your...
Dear Diary,2 Kth*Jjk by KookieAlien20
Dear Diary,2 Kth*Jjkby KookieAlien20
[COMPLETED] what will Taehyung do Knowing that Jungkook's Departure is getting near? will he do everything to stop Jungkook? or guilt will swallow him causing him to Giv...
Dear Michael by LotsofMJJLove
Dear Michaelby 😈🍷
Michael Jackson receives a letter from a fan from across the country. Their letters are the bud that begins to blossom into a lifelong friendship. But what happens when...
dear bully by obstrict
dear bullyby ali
❝dear bully, before you judge me, make sure you're perfect. -victim❞ #46 in random
Bad Habits z.m. (BWWM) by CupidsBFF
Bad Habits z.m. (BWWM)by K O R T N I
"Do you love me?" He asks, his face showing no sign of emotion. "Sir yes sir." I choke, my voice cracking.
Dear Mr. Pessimist {Completed} by ChasingMadness24
Dear Mr. Pessimist {Completed}by Kyra Blackthorn
"Dear Mr. Pessimist, here are a few reasons to love yourself and the world." When Sydney Hale gets a job at one of the biggest bakeries in her town, she...
A little Luck (GLs) by a_trent
A little Luck (GLs)by A. Trent
When you run, you don't look back. You don't feel sorry... Nor remorse. You stop wondering "what if?". You just run... Rarely hide as well... Kate's been...
Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by myshortinfinity
Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AUby •● susie ●•
Huge thanks to @Saphirdrache / @Zitronendrache for the amazing cover. I absolutely love it. The world was always black and white. You always felt empty. They would alway...
Dear Bully by GoodNoodl3
Dear Bullyby GoodNoodl3
Dear Bully...[COMPLETED]
99 smut challenge | DEH by mercurykilledme
99 smut challenge | DEHby mercurykilledme
deh fanfic! sexual content
Dear Bully by Jasmine2785
Dear Bullyby Jasmine Lopez
Dear bully, For years you have hurt me, and for years you have seen me in pain. Yet you can't see that I can no longer fight back. I'm getting tired and I just don't car...
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros|| by pandanekolove
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros||by miss u deerly
Connor is an interesting guy. No friends, and everyone basically hates him. One day, he meets someone who will change his life. AU where Connors not dead I don't own th...
Fell in the Forest ( A Dear Evan Hansen Fan Fic ) by hamilfan123987
Fell in the Forest ( A Dear Evan hamilfan123987
A story in which Evan falls and Connor offers to go with him. (I found this picture on google, and I have no idea whose it is. I take no credit for it whatsoever.) (I o...
letters to you by softlings
letters to youby paige!
❝ i miss the way your name tastes like forbidden toxins on my lips. ❞ copyright - all rights reserved