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Untrusted Love (Little Nightmares x MHA) by SniffSniffTea
Untrusted Love (Little SniffSniffTea
When the core four LN characters wind up in UA high, the students must learn how to take care of them as the children learn to trust the odd strangers. I do NOT own MHA...
Fading Flowers// Yandere AU by CutelingCutie
Fading Flowers// Yandere AUby FaeFrosting
THIS IS LITERALLY MY FIRST EVER FANFIC inspired by some art I saw on Instagram uwu I will try my best to write this, may be a little bit sloppy but I'll try! I'll state...
LN oneshots and scenarios!  by SamV73
LN oneshots and scenarios! by Samael V
this includes the DLC, number one, and number 2, and a couple characters from the comics! this book is used as a comfort character book, meaning there is no smut chapter...
Six: a smut story by fuckboycamrennn
Six: a smut storyby #janetops
Title gives it all, cover is not my art!
Little Nightmares || Deep Down Inside || Teenage Six x Reader by Pcyco_Da_Potato
Little Nightmares || Deep Down ∆D∆¥ZH∆
#1IN LITTLE NIGHTMARES There is this girl you know. You didn't learn her name yet, but you seen her walk around every now and then. She didn't know you either, but consi...
Story 1: Little Nightmares x My Hero Academia Crossover. by TLK9999
Story 1: Little Nightmares x My TLK9999
The loops repeated itself once again for the poor little boy, Mono, to suffer the betrayal yet again. However, something, or someone, made the hell cracked, leaving him...
My little Nightmare (Male Human Sans Reader x Teen Six) by Icetome
My little Nightmare (Male Human Icetome
After many genocide routes, Frisk Finally decides to do a true pacifist route, but Y/n can't trust Frisk anymore, and one day while Y/n was in his lab a terrible acciden...
Little Nightmares Oneshots by FrenzySusie
Little Nightmares Oneshotsby ⚠️( ˘ ³˘)♥︎⚠️
Little nightmares imagines and oneshots I suggest not reading this book if you haven't played the first or second game, there will be spoilers Cover credit to artist I...
Little Nightmares Has A Group Chat?! by CindyVonOtaku
Little Nightmares Has A Group Cindy_Rella
Made by CindyVonOtaku and Twenty-Three (My OC), the Little Nightmares cast has a group chat! Where they chat, roast each other, or both! The writer and gang are also par...
The Time Traveler's Wife (Book 1) Five x Reader by AdriWrites16
The Time Traveler's Wife (Book 1) Adriana 💗
"Cute husband you have. Always cares about his family," The Handler says as she puts on her sunglasses. "Why don't you try and get a husband of your own i...
Six: a smut story pt 2 by fuckboycamrennn
Six: a smut story pt 2by #janetops
you all know the deal, parrlyn this time! cover not my art.
ENMITY , five hargreeves by -SUNLUV
ENMITY , five hargreevesby kay ¡!
❝ you know, i used to despise you. ❞ ⃗ 🕊*ೃ༄ | ENMITY ; determined to stop the apocalypse, five and eight do everything in their power to save the world as feelings b...
Joy || F.Hargreeves by LazyBee1
Joy || F.Hargreevesby LazyBee1
Joy's life was simple before a certain dark-haired boy asked for a black coffee. After that day, everything turned upside down and secrets began to unfold. Season 1 : ✅...
WANDERLUST , five hargreeves by -SUNLUV
WANDERLUST , five hargreevesby kay ¡!
❝ how nice of you to say, five. i love you too. ❞ ⃗ 🕊*ೃ༄ | WANDERLUST ; where the journey carries on and the umbrella academy must band together to stop the apocaly...
The Time Traveler's Wife. (Book 2) (Five x Reader) by AdriWrites16
The Time Traveler's Wife. (Book 2) Adriana 💗
This is book two of The Time Traveler's Wife! This is based on Season two of The Umbrella Academy. Five Hargreeves and Y/n Hargreeves (aka Eight) were always inseparable...
EVERLASTING , five hargreeves by -SUNLUV
EVERLASTING , five hargreevesby kay ¡!
❝ i want to spend all of my days with you. ❞ ⃗ 🕊*ೃ༄ | EVERLASTING ; as the world is meant to be swallowed whole in a few short days, five and eight attempt to repai...
Life of a little sister by Anna_kayy
Life of a little sisterby Anna_kayy
6 Brothers. 6 overprotective, annoying, ill tempered, pig headed, strong, caring, thoughtful brothers. It's not easy, but who's life is? They're a pain in the butt but w...
✔️ MONSTER ➩ Ben Hargreeves by bind-ie
✔️ MONSTER ➩ Ben Hargreevesby bindie
"I must confess that I feel like a monster." Ben Hargreeves is different. Sure, different is kind of normal in his family, but not everyone has a monster insid...
Hiro/Tadashi x Reader Oneshots by daisygirl-101
Hiro/Tadashi x Reader Oneshotsby Daisygirl101
I've finally jumped on the band wagon and started one of these :) Saved for the Hamada brothers x reader only! Cover Art does not belong to me. Requests are currently cl...