Letter Number Four: Dear Flirty One

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Dear Harry,

       I feel as if I should insert some witty opening here—“Gimme some of your gravy!” or some perverted, strange quote like that—to indulge my inner stress. As stupidly psychological as that sounds, try putting yourself in my shoes, Harry: this is the third letter addressed to my inspirations, and each has taken me multiple times to write. I’m a little worried, even though there’s basically a 0.01% chance of you ever reading this, that I won’t get across to you how much of a great person you truly are. Like I told both Li and Ni, that’s slightly stressful, and a little intimidating. After all, Harry, I’m talking to you: one of the most talented, charismatic, funny, caring, and individualistic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of somewhat “meeting.” Flattery? Yes. :-) Is it a lie? Nope. I simply speak the truth, and the truth, Harry Styles, is that you are absolutely amazing.

       Curly hair, bright green eyes that change color in lighting, or your dimpled grin: that’s typically what people tell you they noticed about you first, right? Appearance is everything in showbiz…but it isn’t what I—and the majority of your fans—noticed first. We will not deny that you and your four bandmates are attractive lads, but we never noticed One Direction’s appearance first. For you, Harry, I noticed two things: your confidence and your voice. The first time I figured out who you were was when I found your interview with People magazine. Yes, I had heard about One Direction (and you, you chick magnet, you ;-)) at school, but I had never gone so far as to look you up: I wasn’t in a very good place at the time, and I’ve never been one to follow “trends,” regardless of their timelessness. But there you were at the bottom of the photo, grinning that wide grin of yours. That’s truly what initially struck me about you. You were keeping eye contact with the camera, and there was just this aura about you…it makes me sound like a lovesick teenage girl, but you retain it. All. The. Dang. Time. You simply have this irresistibly charismatic aura surrounding you, Harry, this ridiculous amount of confidence that I wish I could have, too. Taking that huge step by auditioning, and singing a well-known Stevie Wonder classic on top of it, was just the beginning. It seems that your confidence has simply grown with your fame, rather than depleting from all the hate that you get every day.

      How do you do that, Harry? How do you still have an undeniable poise under pressure, and an enviable belief in yourself and your friends? How, with all the crap thrown constantly your way? You aren’t extremely egotistical, either; you don’t have a big head, which is what happens to far too many celebrities. How the five of you—you, especially, since you’re constantly in the public eye of scrutiny—remain so humble, a lot wonder. So, I suppose that’s my main question to you, Harry: how do you do it?

       On top of all that, you also have an amazing voice, Harry. When you auditioned for The X Factor, you already possessed huge talent, and it has only matured and improved since. You have such a clear tone, full and resonant for a perfect second tenor/baritone sound. Though it’s obvious that you’re more comfortable in your natural chest voice, you still have a perfectly good falsetto. You can harmonize dang well, too, even if you are generally the carrier of the melody. In addition, your intonation is fantastic…and you have that one quality that makes a flawless musician: emotion. Love. I know that you constantly degrade yourself, saying you could have done this better, or that was awful. A gentle newsflash, friend: you’re more than alright, you’re fantastic. :-) The worst time for you, if I recall correctly, was when you didn’t take in enough breath to finish your solo in “What Makes You Beautiful.” I have three things to say that side of you that still worries about that little mistake: a) Breath management is, by far, one of the hardest aspects of singing, so mistakes are common for everyone; b) No one noticed that you messed up, because you didn’t react to it, and no one did notice until much later, when you did; and c) The people who sent you hate for it are obviously not musicians. Musicians—fellow singers or even many instrumentalists—would have understood. We all make mistakes, Harry, especially those under stress in the limelight. For gosh sake, we have had people mess up our national anthem before! That was a tiny, tiny mistake, way forgotten about. But the fact that you still care about and strive to redeem yourself over a minute blunder proves that you have that one thing (no pun intended): a love for music. A love that, if absent, proves music pointless. I love that you have that.

       There is so much more I could tell you, Harry; there is so much more I could compliment or point out. Let it suffice to say, in my time limit, that you are an inspiration, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes…excuse the nerd. You’ve overcome so much, and still continue to do so every day. You’re kind, charitable, easygoing, a perfectionist, a talent, dedicated…all admirable qualities. Yeah, you have your faults—don’t we all?—but they add to a human’s perfection.

       There is only one piece of advice I could give you: ignore. Ignore the haters, and ignore us shippers (for, I’m sorry, I am one, though not as insistent as some) if we/they bother you. The haters are jealous of your fame, your family, your friends, your voice, you; the shippers can believe what they wish: I can promise that they won’t bug any of you if y’all just don’t pay them any mind. It’d ruin the “fun.” ;-) Just ignore them, Harry. From past experience, I know: easier said than done, but we believe in you. Make the conscious decision.

          I don’t believe in rumors, Harry. I loathe them with a passion, in fact. I—and so many, many others—don’t believe that you’re a player, a manwhore, or a womanizer. I affectionately call you a flirt or a chick magnet, but I can assure you that it’s just a friendly tease. You will find your happily-ever-after girl, I promise. You and Niall both. Just be patient, and you’ll end up like your bandmates.

           Oh, and thank you. Thank you for being one-fifth of that force that literally saved my life. Thank you so, so much.

           Enjoy the ride, sing for those you said “you can’t,” and stay yourself.


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