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People usually quit before even trying as hard as they can. This book is based on some true life based success stories and some tips to achieve your goals in life...
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maNan FF - Secret Of Fireflies by shambhaviee_13
maNan FF - Secret Of Firefliesby shambhaviee
fan fiction on Manik & Nandini Or MaNan Warning : You may feel as if you are watching Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan at some times! But isn't it the reason you are reading this stor...
  • intelligent
  • mananff
  • kindhearted
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Inappropriate Comedy - MYG On Hiatus  by Armysdontneedguns
Inappropriate Comedy - MYG On Maddie Song
"Get down from there, you idiot." "Never, I'm the king of the World." "Since when did you have a dick?" "Shut up, you dick." summ...
  • 방탄소년단
  • minyoongi
  • yoongixreader
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Ces 15% de la population, dont on ne parle pas assez by espritdeplumeuu
Ces 15% de la population, dont 🥰
Découvrir le sens de l'hypersensibilité ~ Partage de mes ressentis en tant qu'hypersensible ~ Partager vous aussi vos expériences ~ Ce "livre" est un soutien p...
  • profond
  • nature
  • trop
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Locked in my mind by julietadesouzarocha
Locked in my mindby Julibros
Sky no sabía que los caminos de la vida lo llevarían hasta donde se encuentra ahora. Las vías del tren lo habían llevado a un sitio desconocido y, con los recuerdos en s...
  • tristeza
  • cartas
  • adolescentes
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Found (✔) by Radhikakasana
Found (✔)by Radhika Kasana
She is standing like she did any crime He jerked her holding her shoulder he says " you marry again , never for once you think about me , how can you do that ? Don...
  • dreams
  • widow
  • lovestory
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sense and sensibility  by KenzyHassan8
sense and sensibility by Kenzy Hassan
It's talking about what is female's character in nineteenth century
  • love
  • sense
  • jane-austen
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Dusk before nightfall (To Love Is To Torment thyself) by Vibrant
Dusk before nightfall (To Love YG
Avantika Aggarwal is a student at NMU (her dream university), and there she begins falling in love with Chris after couple of hate events, who in turn later admits his f...
  • lake
  • betrayed
  • party
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Ma vie d'hypersensible by NaomieNegi
Ma vie d'hypersensibleby NaomieNegi
Pour moi, écrire, c'est une thérapie, une thérapie qui m'a été conseillée il y a 5 ans. Depuis, dès que j'en ressens le besoin, j'écris ce qui me passe par la tête. Ay...
  • hypersensibilité
  • sensible
  • sauveur
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Swany by FourHope
Swanyby Marie🙃
« Vous écoutez bien KMW Radio, merci pour votre fidélité. Aujourd'hui, nous rencontrons la jeune Lydie du tout nouveau girlsband Swany. Pouvez-vous vous présenter à nos...
  • amour
  • amitié
  • kpop
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let's change the fairy tale ending by waterlily95
let's change the fairy tale endingby waterlily95
i died and reincarnated as cinderella's evil step sister. ehh such a cliché light novel story. but well, this is my reality now, so what can i do to escape the unfortuna...
  • sensible
  • aristocracy
  • reincarnation
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ͳų  Ƹƨƈƪʌʋʌ by AngelCaido154
ͳų Ƹƨƈƪʌʋʌby ℒơʆι_ƇҺαղ
Aiko Ayumi era una chica muy positiva y feliz hasta que conoce a Jiro Koichi un chico muy insensible, el tratara que la vida de Aiko sea un infierno cambiando su vida po...
  • insensibilidad
  • suspenso
  • alone
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Let's Make It Sensible [On Going] by MexicanCigarette
Let's Make It Sensible [On Going]by شهدية
This book contains short stories of good morals to be followed in our every day lives.
  • friends
  • lessonsoflife
  • family
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petite naive by imene-bn
petite naiveby imene-bn
un personnge plein d'émotions auquel va se reconnaitre toutes les âmes sensibles
  • défaut
  • haine
  • sensible
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Un Diario para Avansar y Salir de la Tristeza (#UDAST) (Mi experiecia) by Anabef_san
Un Diario para Avansar y Salir Anabef_san
Esto no es una historia de amor Es una historia ,mi historia, que trata de una chica incomprendida Una chica que cuando se levanta comienza a mentir Se miente a si mis...
  • triste
  • fuerte
  • inocente
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Hellacious by AlexaRdz
Hellaciousby Alexa :)
Don't do something you know you will regret tomorrow. Beauty is found within and don't judge by the appearances. After all, everything is going to fade except our soul...
  • reality
  • louis
  • direction
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¿Quien como yo? by Solo_Negra
¿Quien como yo?by Solo_Negra
Muchas personas me dicen que mi vida parece una novela, un cuento, etc. Les contare más de mi y las cosas locas que me suelen pasar en mi hermosa y horrible vida. En el...
  • amigos
  • consejos
  • diadia
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Les grandes vacances  by pinklilas
Les grandes vacances by pinklilas
Romane, une jeune adolescente, se trouve face aux dangers des grandes vacances . Sera - t - elle à la hauteur ? Pour elle c'est la déprime, elle vient de casser avec son...
  • adolescents
  • aventure
  • vacances
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Renacer by rebecapoe
Renacerby rebecapoe
No caigamos en la tentación de creer que esto es para siempre. Esto es por ahora. Y esto es solo el principio. Exprésate. Toma fotos con los x megapíxeles que tenga tu t...
  • romance
  • eros
  • autoestima
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