When I Kissed the Teacher by simplylush
When I Kissed the Teacherby Nikki
"Sir, one day someone is bound to come in." I moan as his tongue ran down my neck, a simple hum escaping his mouth. "Let them watch." He states pull...
  • teacher
  • kiss
  • student
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Painted Reasons  by MarsMcRae
Painted Reasons by Mars McRae
"Everything happens for a reason. To lead you to something. Or teach you a life lesson." (COMPLETE) IN THE PROCESS OF BEING EDITED.
  • nigeriangirl
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Magiliea Academy: The Lost Princess Of Lavendria by EXOL148588
Magiliea Academy: The Lost °•AYING•°
She's someone with great charms Great abilities Great personality that no one can copy But what everyone thinks she is, is totally not... Everyone thinks shes perfect...
  • romance
  • fate
  • fantasy
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His Girl -Justin Foley. 13RW by saraobrien_24
His Girl -Justin Foley. 13RWby Saraaaah
"Grace Blake, welcome to your tape" I stared at Clay's Walkman, my eyes wide as my hands shook in my lap. What the hell?? She is one of the reasons why. ...
  • newreasonwhy
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13 Reasons Why Imagines by finnwolfharders
13 Reasons Why Imaginesby finnwolfharders
*complete* This is a book of what the characters would do when they are your boyfriend/ girlfriend (Apart from Bryce, Marcus as they are creepy but they will still get i...
  • netflix
  • hannah
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Clannah Texts  by itsjustmekp
Clannah Texts by Kristina
a series of texts between ONLY Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen
  • clay
  • jessicadavis
  • hannah
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Scars To Your Beautiful [Justin Foley]  by HeirofRav3nclaw
Scars To Your Beautiful [Justin Dark Canary
Bella Shay is new to Liberty High. She used to live in Crestmont when she was younger. Hanging out with her cousin Hannah and her best friend Justin Foley. ...
  • 13rw
  • dating
  • suicide
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lights out ▻ justin foley by runningdolan
lights out ▻ justin foleyby shanice
[COMPLETED] justin foley, one of the most popular jocks in liberty high. lilliana kole, was a popular girl who was a cheerleader who was always the star. although just...
  • heyitsmehannahbaker
  • hannah
  • jensen
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Zach dempsey imagines by rosshugs_
Zach dempsey imaginesby rosshugs_
NONE OF THSE ARE MINE All of the stories are from tumblr
  • oneoshots
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EXHIBIT  || Justin Foley by what__ifs
EXHIBIT || Justin Foleyby Hannah
"I feel like I'm just an exhibit, standing here for everyone to look at" [13 REASONS WHY AU] [JUSTIN FOLEY] [SOCIAL MEDIA] [ALTERNATE UNIVERSE]
  • clayjensen
  • 13rw
  • fanfiction
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50 Reasons Not To Die{a.i} by xfactorftyoutube
50 Reasons Not To Die{a.i}by mercy
"Let's make a deal shall we? You give me 50 days and I'll give you 50 reasons not to die. So one reason each day, and if I fail you're free to try again." ...
  • 5sos
  • die
  • wattys2014
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A Thousand Reasons by wallxflowxer
A Thousand Reasonsby Haley
"He brought light into one of my darkest days once, and I couldn't even notice he had turned his lights off." ____ Sawyer Raines only wants to help the sweet...
  • faith
  • friendship
  • depression
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69 More Reasons to Love Shrek by shreky69
69 More Reasons to Love Shrekby shreky69
There is more than 69 reasons to Love Shrek so if you can't find a reason to love him then I think you're just a complete doofus.
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Her reasons why by mrsamgreer
Her reasons whyby Amber Greer
"Honestly I'm not sure why you ever even done that shit?" "It made me feel something it gave me a rush and at the time that's what I needed."
  • zach
  • 13reasonswhy
  • justin
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love notes ; zach dempsey by OctxviaBlxke
love notes ; zach dempseyby OctxviaBlxke
"i didn't know that i was starving 'til i tasted you." On the first day of junior year, Eliah Waters is ready to get the guy of her dreams, but plans turn awry...
  • reasons
  • thirteen
  • thirteenreasonswhy
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Ten days, Ten reasons by Aaku_14
Ten days, Ten reasonsby Aaku
"Give me ten days, I can give you ten reasons to live." Manik paused and held her hand. "And then if you don't find the reasons worth it, you can jump off...
  • manan
  • bloominglove
  • nandini
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MEMES by YandereCuppy
MEMESby Yandere Cuppy
Memes and stuff that I made.
  • random
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Zalex by Skybladess
Zalexby Sky Bladess
Zach Dempsey and Alex Standall
  • alexstandall
  • zalex
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Zach Dempsey Imagines (smut/innocent)  by Kaylvvn
Zach Dempsey Imagines (smut/ Kiddy K
these are just some smut stories for ya :) All rights Are Reserved to me. I wrote every single one of these and will be writing everyone of these. Any requests? send the...
  • reasons
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Why Septiplier Should Be a Thing  by _Skullii_
Why Septiplier Should Be a Thing by ☯♚Sĸυllιι♚☯
Highest Ranking: #75 in Random Disclaimer: I got these Septiplier moments from the internet, which isn't the best place to get stuff, but they're still good quality. I a...
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