Letter Number Two: Dear Sensible One

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Dear Liam,

      I have written and rewritten this letter—the first—a multitude of times, attempting to word it “just so.” Yeah, that sounds like the sentiment of a lovesick teenage fangirl, but the truth it is. I can promise you, Liam, that this isn’t a love letter, regardless of if and when you read it; in no way have I deluded myself into thinking in the whole “girlfriend” aspect, and, to be quite frank, I’d rather be considered one of your best friends. So, this remains not a love confession. Instead, it’s a letter of admiration and thanks to one of my biggest inspirations: you. Yes, you…don’t deny it. Because you, Liam Payne, are amazing, and you should know that. I realize that this is a trivial letter, inconsequential to your daily life (as all of these will likely be to all five of you), but that’s alright. For the five of you must know.

       And you, Liam, are first, in a letter that I finally deem okay.

       I wish I had your voice, your technique. If I were a boy, I’d love to have your talent—what were you in school? Second tenor? Maybe even a baritone? Either way, you just have this beautiful mixture of vocal strengths. Your tone is gorgeous, what with your flawless intonation and light vibrato: very resonant, your voice is. It remains ringing in peoples’ minds for quite some time afterwards. I wouldn’t call it an operatic “haunting”—that could go either way, complimentary or offensive, for your genre :-)—but you possess a certain quality that sticks in a person’s veins, goosebumps, for a while after. Also, if I may immaturely say: holy crap, man! How in heck do you have that wide of a vocal range? And how are they all that good? Your low notes are superb, bur your falsetto is also inherently fantastic. I’ve heard few people in my life—granted, yes, fourteen years—that are able to manipulate their ranges and retain a wonderful quality. Not to mention, Liam, that you, and your band mates, put forth so much emotion in the lyrics, the pure flow of the music. I adore and admire that about you. Passion, commitment, enchantment, and love creates the singer: four things that you, my friend, hold a lot of. In fact, I once heard your voice described as a “crystal clear extravaganza that makes you feel as if you are running through a meadow with Bambi and other beautiful forest creatures.” Admittedly, I laughed: who comes up with sentences such as that? But it certainly wasn’t due to a lie. In fact, I think it’s fairly accurate. You are one of those rare people, Liam, that just have a gorgeous voice altogether: it sticks with listeners long after the last note vanishes.

      Speaking of those four values—dang, was it really that many sentences back?—what is that nickname you have again? Daddy Direction? ;-) You may roll your eyes, and we may say it sarcastically, but it’s true…and it’s a good thing. You do have all the qualities of a great father. You have the patience of a saint, the responsibility of a judge (albeit a fun-loving one), and, most importantly, are one of the kindest people I have ever seen/heard. I’m not exaggerating in any way, I can solemnly swear. It doesn’t matter how small the person, how trivial they believe they are, you can make their day with a single word or a smile. Through charity, interviews, or just your daily life…geez, Liam, you just continue to prove how utterly wonderful you are. As for your fans, you definitely provide the most Twitcams, respond to the most Tweets, and make us all feel loved and cherished, disregarding how terrible our weeks were. I’m not knocking any of the other lads—they do it, too; let’s not quibble—but those are inarguable facts. You’re just so compassionate, Li, so caring and considerate. You seem to value people you’ve never met more than some young men cherish their own family…how do you do that, Liam? I may be dubbed “the nice one” in my friend group, but I still strive to retain an affection for kindness and charity that you possess.

        In addition to all of that, friend, you’re intelligent. Even if you don’t show it through math, science, or spelling (it’s alright: it’s just Twitter ;-)), you have a maturity and sensibility that everyone naturally looks up to. Nein, I’m nowhere near joking. You just have a way about you: you always know what to do, what to say to help out a crappy day or a problematic situation. Thank you for that.

       Still, you’re such an easygoing, loving soul, with a fantastic sense of humor. You may not be constantly bantering and cracking jokes like Louis oftentimes does, and you may not possess Niall’s leprechaun laughter (the good kind; not the terrifying kind), but it is there. Through everything I’ve seen, you appear to have a great balance, Liam: a switch. You can be responsible and sharply focused, yet you also know when to ease up, let your—nearly nonexistent—hair down. :-) How you can be so committed and retain a sense of fun, I don’t know. But you have a knack: a talent for balance, I guess I could say. You have a grin and a comforting gaze that could cheer anyone’s day; your heart is bigger than that Burj Khalifa…tallest building in the world? No? *sighs* Excuse my nerdy side…I’ll just stop trying right there.

       There is so much more I could say, Liam. I could tell you about your sweetness, your eloquence, your independent dependency (huzzah for oxymorons!), your own personal hilarity…everything. But I sort of have a time slot, so I want to know the answer to one thing: how in heck do you do it, Liam? How do you remain the inspirational person you are today? How do you keep a smile on your lips when you all receive so much cruelty every day? How do you stop your voice from wavering, cracking, even if you want to cry from the stress? How do you keep all of this up—whether it’s a legitimate wondrous day or a façade? How did you overcome all that you have to get where you are now? How, Liam? It’s a heavy question, but it’s present. I don’t know how, and I greatly admire that about you.

        Truthfully, there is only a slight bit of advice I’d give you. Make this conscious decision: don’t mind the haters. Tell yourself that they’re only there to push you forward. Don’t pay attention to the bromances: hug who you want, do what you want within legal and sensible reason, and just don’t care about it. It’s easier said than done—trust me, I know—but you can definitely do it. The shippers can do what they wish, the haters can say what they want, but it doesn’t make any of them correct. Heck, none of this makes me correct, besides stating your amazing qualities. You’re a fantastic individual, Liam James Payne, with natural flaws and issues that add up to perfection…as perfect as a human can become. Stay that way; don’t let hatred fool you.

        Oh, and Liam? Thank you. Thank you so much for being the first voice to meet my ears on “What Makes You Beautiful,” for being the first to convince me that One Direction, and Liam Payne, is amazing. For pulling me out of my depression; for convincing me that I’m worthwhile, talented, and beautiful. I’m certainly not the prettiest, the smartest, or the most talented, but you’ve brought me out of that dangerously decreasing slump. You are one of the five that truly saved my life. Thank you, Liam. Sweet mother of pearl, thank you so, so much.

       Have fun, enjoy the ride, and stay amazing. ♥


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